Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm changing the t-shirt slogan

The shit is really going to hit the fan when the Jew-controlled media is no longer able to block the stunningly obvious fact – Miles is on the way, but is still having trouble digesting it! – that Iraqi oil is going to be controlled by Iran, and is going to be sold to China.  So the war couldn’t have been about oil . . . and as oil is the major commodity, it couldn’t have been about ‘imperial reach’ . . . so that leaves . . . a war for Israel!  Oh oh! 

The funny thing about the ‘vassal’ government in Iraq is that it doesn’t seem to realize that it is a vassal government.  In fact, a real vassal state like Canada can only dream of having the autonomy that Iraq is showing.  Iraq doesn’t like the oil plans prepared by the Americans, so it shreds them.  Iraq and Turkey sanely meet to deal with the challenge posed by the Zionist trick to break up Iraq (and Turkey) by using a Turkish attack against the Kurds (there is a big advantage to knowing what is really going on when you obtain your info from other than the Jew-controlled media!).  Iraq is tired of murderous Blackwater, so the Americans will set Blackwater up with a nice gig policing the Mexican border.  If you thought it was fascist for the U. S. to use a private psycho-paramilitary in Iraq, wait to you see how fascist it will be for the United States to employ a private psycho police force within its own borders.  Talk about ‘blowback’!

I’m changing the t-shirt slogan to: ‘My President is Spending Trillions (and Trillions) on a War for the Jews but all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt and a Domestic Fascist Psycho Police Force’.