Monday, October 01, 2007

Jewish-Canadian donor coup

The Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA), an instrument of the Canadian branch of the Jewish Billionaires Club, and with the support of the Israeli Ambassador to Canada, has used various tricks and deceptions – including springing the coup on the delegates at the last minute and controlling access to the microphones –  to take over the running of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), therefore putting total control of official Jewish-Canadian opinion in the hands of what Abe Foxman would call the ‘donors’ (pdf found via Canpalnet Ottawa):

 “This time round, CIJA and its corporate backers won, but barely, and only by heavy manipulation. For those of us who oppose the Israel Lobby, this event offers some strategic lessons:

Our campaigns for justice in the Middle East are succeeding. The Canadian Israel Lobby, for all of its corporate and Tory political support, is on the defensive. It fears the rising tide of opposition to Israeli injustices so much that it has been forced to risk alienating many mainstream Canadian Jews.

By passing By-law 67, the CJC has lost legitimacy as a democratic, representative organization. It can now claim only to represent Jews who share its narrow, hawkish views. Its corrupt, undemocratic practices lie exposed.

Although the leadership of the CJC is solidly in CIJA’s pocket, its membership is deeply divided. Almost one-third of the delegates disapproved of the direction the CJC is taking. Although it is likely that they mostly share the CJC’s uncritical pro-Israel policy, they resent the CIJA’s abuse of power and its attack on their autonomy and democracy. This creates opportunities to build linkages with these disaffected groups and create a movement of progressive Jews.”