Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the american establishmentS

We weren’t supposed to find out.  It was supposed to remain a secret.  Vanity Fair, a magazine which fetishizes power, made a list of the most powerful people in the world (of course, most are American).  An unscientific list, perhaps, but Vanity Fair does know power.  Then the Jerusalem Post came along and used its exquisite sense of Jewdar to determine who on the list were Jewish.  It turns out that 50 to 60% of the power-brokers were Jewish (with a higher percentage if you look at the up-and-comers).  Michael Collins Piper has done a masterful job of analyzing the power, and annotating the Vanity Fair list.

Suddenly, out of serendipity and Jewish arrogance, we learn that there are in fact two American Establishments, the old, tired, and predominantly WASP one, and the new, striving one, all Jewish.  Considering that Jews make up between 2 and 3% of the American population, this is quite an accomplishment.  The Jewish Establishment would have to be an improvement over the old American Establishment – they could hardly be worse! – except for one factor:  Zionism.  Of course, not all the Jews are Zionists, but enough are, and coupled with the odd American Jewish terror of being seen by the ‘community’ of making any criticism of Zionism, we are left with the fact that the second American Establishment is making its influence felt by controlling the American government on all issues even remotely connected with Israeli colonialism.

Neocon influence in Washington should not be a mystery.  Nor should the single-minded Zionist American media.   Politicians are acutely sensitive to power, and the new American power block is Zionist.  Therefore, the United States attacked Iraq, refuses to leave until that country is broken up, and continues to support Bibi’s ‘war on terror’ and the particular terror being imposed on the Palestinians by the Jewish State.  All of these positions are clearly against real American interests, but are encouraged by the new Zionist-American Establishment.

It is too early to count out the old American Establishment.  Blocked from control of the White House, either political party, and the media, it has nevertheless managed to wrest control of the American government away from the Jews, at least temporarily.  Thus, the lack of military support for the Israeli attack on Lebanon, the impossibility of an attack on Iran, and the new-found interest in creating a Palestinian state.  It is more evidence of the sad state of the United States that it is only saved from absolute disaster by the fact it is being run as a dictatorship by the old American Establishment.  It remains to be seen whether they can keep this up under President Rudary.