Sunday, November 18, 2007


I’ve been writing too much about American Jews these days, forgetting my own reasoning that the Middle East problem is essentially a power game.  Israel would be occupying southern Lebanon by now, building settlements and stealing water, had they not had their asses kicked by Hezbollah.  Thinking about that vile Cohen essay, I can only come to the conclusion that American Jews, for whatever reason, have decided to make themselves irrelevant to any sane discussion of the Middle East.  There is only one possible peace agreement, the one proposed by the Saudis, and unless and until we get to that agreement, there will be no peace.  That agreement can’t be obtained as long as Israeli politicians or American Jews have even the slightest say in the matter.  You wouldn't ask mentally retarded people to do research in physics, and you shouldn’t ask morally retarded people to come up with a peace agreement.  Engaging them in any way is wasting time, which is exactly what they want.

Lawrence of Cyberia considers (or here) the latest in the never-ending Israeli list of preconditions placed on the Palestinians before the Israelis will even consider discussing peace.  Why do we even bother?  Knock down one illogical precondition, and they’ll just come back with another.  It’s obvious with all the bloviation about the Annapolis conference:  the Israelis will never voluntarily enter into discussions over a bona fide peace agreement.  Never.  If there is going to be peace, they are going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming.  The Americans will have to put it point blank:  accept the Saudi proposals, or we will consider you to no longer be an ally of the United States.

Philip Weiss considers the Cohen slurring of the left.  Note some of the comments to his posting to get a hint of the mess that American Jews are in.  While there are some excellent American Jewish writers on the politics of the Middle East, they are overwhelmingly outnumbered, and overwhelmingly outshouted, by the haters.  The growth in sanity in American Jewish opinion is so slow that it will never be a relevant force, at least not within a helpful time frame.  If American Jews want to make themselves irrelevant, we have to oblige them.

This is not a pessimistic posting.  History is not on the side of Zionism.  Israel moves from one disaster to another.  The neocons will attempt a comeback in Washington, and will partly succeed under controlled President Rudary, but the American Establishment is finally alive to the problem and is working against it, and real American opinion, as opposed to what you will see in the chattering classes, is rapidly – more rapidly than most people realize – moving to a firm anti-Israeli position.  The Zionists should know they are in trouble when a discussion at TPM Muckraker is more overtly ‘anti-Semitic’ that you might find at a forum at a traditional ‘anti-Semitic’ site (the new ‘scientific’ anti-Semites consider themselves to be doing research in sociology, which leads to the necessity of objective, unemotional discourse!).  The war in Iraq has been extremely helpful in that regard. 

Annapolis won’t directly lead to progress, but it will force Israel to embarrass the Americans in public, an action which the Israelis know will be the beginning of the end of the weird special relationship, especially in this climate where it has become commonplace for vassal states to disrespect the United States.  When the state that depends the most on the United States for its very existence chooses to make Americans look like weak fools, the patronage won’t last much longer.