Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is a tip of the hat the kiss of death?

Bush gave (found via Naqniq, with lots of good stuff today; also see the story of how an Israeli hospital has a separate and antiquated cancer treatment system for Palestinians, a system that the Zionists will no doubt cite as an example of Israeli humanitarianism) a flurry of medals to some of the worst American Judeonazis:  the smart Pipes, Wisse, Ozick, a guy who fights liberalism in American universities (as a cover to prevent discussion of what Israel is up to), and a funder of the American edition of Der Stürmer.  When Reagan laid a wreath at the SS graves at Bitburg it amounted to his tip of the hat to his old Nazi – I’d say ‘neo-Nazi’, but these guys were the real deal, going back to 1940s Central Europe – friends at the top of the Republican Party, who were being cleansed by Bush’s father in the prelude to the new Republican-Zionist era in American politics.  Are these medals a tip of the hat by the younger Bush to the Zionofascists, who will now have to be removed from American politics in the light of the new awareness in Americans of the nature of their real problem?  Don’t count them out yet – I expect to see a renaissance of neocon-jobs under President Rudary – but things aren’t looking quite as good for Jew-control of Washington.