Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jill Dekker

Somebody has decided to polish the reputation of Jill Dekker by making it appear that the Powers That Be are threatening her, thus adding credibility to the truths which they are apparently trying to suppress.  She is even comparing her potential fate to that of Dr. Kelly, particularly ironic as she is part of the same group of ‘experts’ who are paraded around by the warmongers as part of the propaganda battles leading to various wars.  Kelly’s problem was that he actually believed the crap he was selling, and only became dangerous, and needed to be killed, when he became upset that there were in fact no WMDs in Iraq.

I realized this was part of a disinformation campaign when I read about the hearse.  These guys can’t resist over-extending the story.

Watch for Dekker’s newly-created credibility to be used to scare up some phony bio-threat from the next victim of war.  After all, if the Powers That Be want to stop her from speaking, what she says must be true, right?  I’ve already expressed caution about Norman Baker.  I have no reason to doubt his bona fides, but it is apparent that some intelligence agency has decided to use his research on the death of Dr. Kelly to further their own agenda.