Monday, November 05, 2007

MacDonald and Wisse

Read this account of the work of Kevin MacDonald, and then read the mirror image (MacDonald:  ‘the Jews pull tricks in a cosmic battle for resources with everybody else’; Wisse:  ‘not enough tricks’).  Wisse is sort of a dumbed-down version of MacDonald, not much of an advertisement for the Jewish intellectual superiority that we are hearing so much about these days, including in Wisse’s screed itself (why this theme at such an inopportune time?:  my guess it is the Jewish elites reassuring the Jewish masses that the elites are so smart they really know what they are doing, despite all the evidence to the contrary).  MacDonald’s problems are a tendency to conspiracy crankiness (the idea that immigration is an intentional Jewish plot to dilute the precious bodily fluids of real Americans is much less likely than that it is a capitalist plot to reduce the cost of labor), and an ironic over-reliance on the same kind of iffy Jewish social science – the same kind of questionable thinking behind intelligence testing! – that MacDonald would no doubt consider decadent.