Thursday, November 15, 2007

More on Mukasey

In my last posting I wrote Feingold when I meant Feinstein, a mistake not lost on the commentators, and a particularly silly slip as Feingold is consistently one of the best Senators, and Feinstein one of the worst.  Feingold voted against Mukasey, but his excellent voting record is largely irrelevant.  He is just a ‘progressive’ whose background isn’t relevant.  Once Schumer and Feinstein received their orders from the Jewish Billionaires, and made a public spectacle of their decision, the issue was decided.  The main point of the posting was that you cannot possibly make any sense out of the political decisions of the Democratic Party unless you accept that their political instincts are being consistently undermined by the orders of the Jewish Billionaires.  You will note that on issues other that those concerning Greater Israel, the Democrats make proper decisions.  Unfortunately, issues which involve Greater Israel have a very wide reach, and include appointment of the Attorney General.

I thought I was being mischievous when I referred to a Mukasey conspiracy theory, but the posters at TPM Muckraker were way ahead of me (found via a semi-dismissive comment at Mondoweiss).  Note how many of the posters make an express reference to AIPAC, not to mention referring to ‘gang loyalty’, and ‘the NY boys club’, and the ‘finance train’, and asking what Feinstein, Schumer and Mukasey all have in common.  They get it (note the comment of ‘eric’ on November 2 at 8:54 p. m., not to mention ‘improper’ at 9:40 P. M.; ‘nrglaw’ refers to the issue at 12:58 a. m. on November 3, followed by ‘JSinAZ’ at 7:15 a. m., but it gets no traction, and note the comment of ‘Official A’ at 11:54 a. m.; ‘S. Lyons’ finally states the traditional – and very old-fashioned – objections at 9:00 p. m. on November 4).  Six months ago, many of the comments in the thread would gave been quickly knocked down by most of the other posters, or would never have appeared (or would have been edited out as ‘hate speech’).  Now they are treated as common sense.  We really are entering the Golden Age of Anti-Semitism.  This is what happens when a group of Jewish Billionaires conspires to trick the United States into a disastrous war in Iraq (despite the denials, Americans aren’t fooled), the same group of Jewish Billionaires, without the slightest shame, starts the same trick with respect to Iran, and the wider American Jewish community makes absolutely no complaint or protest (although I note the start of the idea that the Iran campaign should be more deceitful).

TPM Muckraker is not some hate site.  You’re seeing the opinions of mainstream committed Democrat supporters.  I’ve been saying this for some time, but here I go again:  unless the wider Jewish community takes immediate steps to denounce the anti-American actions of the Jewish Billionaires, the problem is only going to get worse.