Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mukasey conspiracy theory

Was Mukasey allowed to be installed as AG by the Democrats – particularly Schumer and Feinstein (corrected), who are similar in what particular way? – for the specific purpose of ending the AIPAC trial (for what it is worth, note that Pearlstine has a personal connection to the Plame outing, being the guy who decided to turn over Matthew Cooper's notes, and a guy whose sense of being ‘above the law’ seems to depend on the context)?   It would have been easy for the Democrats to block the appointment, and politically popular – those who think Americans love being associated with torture are simply America-haters (the America-hating inherent in Zionism is something Americans are going to have to learn about) – so why did they fold up, yet again, like a cheap suitcase?

Speaking of the real interests of the American people, why don’t the Democrats stop the war in Iraq and impeach Cheney? Cheney has about 10% popular support.  How many of that 10% would ever vote Democrat?  None.  Not only is impeachment a political no-brainer, it would effectively stop the Bush Administration in its tracks.  Perhaps even more importantly, it would be the first time in years that the Democrats were acting, taking it to their opponents, rather than constantly reacting to Republican proposals.

There is an answer to the mystery.  The Jewish Billionaires own the Democrats.  They want Mukasey as he will continue Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘war on terror’ (necessary to continue to provide a reason for American support for Israel), they want the war in Iraq to continue until Iraq is broken into three parts, and they want to keep Cheney, who is the last bastion of neocon, i. e., Israeli, power in the White House.