Saturday, November 24, 2007

Report what I tell you or I'll hold my breath until I turn blue

The latest in the dance of the seven veils from Sibel Edmonds:

“’When you have a publication like Vanity Fair, running a piece and naming someone like Dennis Hastert [as being allegedly involved in bribery by shadowy Turkish interests involved in narcotics trafficking] and nothing happens with it, you think they are going to pay attention to YouTube?’ Edmonds explained when we asked why she didn't release the information herself as a video on the Internet.

Readers around the web have asked the same question in the wake of our previous story, which climbed to the top ranks of most linked and recommended at a number of Internet sites such as,, DailyKos and others.

‘Listen, I'm willing to have these people come after me with a prosecution – they [the media] should be willing to do their part.’

‘This is the biggest risk that a citizen has ever taken...I guess, after Ellsberg...And I know why he did that with the New York Times,’ she explained referring to his giving thousands of pages of documents to the paper, who, at the time, went all the way to the Supreme Court to fight for their right to publish them, as they eventually did.

‘What about the BBC? Would you do that?,’ we asked.

‘Why am I going on BBC? This is about this country! This is about this country, and more of America needs to know the true face of the mainstream media,’ she exclaimed.”

In other words, she’ll tell Americans everything, but only through the American mainstream media, which she knows won’t have anything to do with her.  She thus manages to keep her conspiracy cred over a story which is probably just going to be an insult of Turkey, while having no risk of actually having to play her hand.  While she’s being petulant, hundreds of thousands are dying.  The commentators suggest Keith Olbermann, Greg Palast, Amy Goodman, and Michael Moore as the people she should be talking to.  We can only laugh.