Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Staticidal zealotry?

As if we needed more evidence of how nervous International Jewry is about Annapolis, Frank Gaffney weighs (or here) in with some advice for that ‘zealot’, Condoleezza Rice:

“Unfortunately, even the failure of Condi's Folly at Annapolis is likely to be a very bad outcome. To the extent that her actions are raising unwarranted expectations on the part of Palestinians and their Arab friends, past practice suggests it will translate into a pretext for new violence against Israel. That will be especially true if, as is also predictable, the Israelis are blamed for the outcome for not being sufficiently willing – in the face of Palestinian intractability – to make what are euphemistically called ‘painful’ moves for peace. Another way to describe such moves are as reckless concessions that are certain to jeopardize Israel's security, and quite possibly ours.”

It has been decades since the Zionists have been this nervous.  Zionism is dead once Israel has to set its borders.