Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Warning of the latest Zionazi conspiracy

International Jewry has become terrified that the Bush Administration, now largely in the hands of the old American Establishment, will attempt to restore the shattered reputation of the United States by solving the Palestinian problem in one fell swoop before Bush leaves office.  The timing is critical:  President Rudary will be firmly in the pocket of the Jewish Billionaires, so the Zionazis have only to delay the issue until Bush is gone and the U. S. is again completely enslaved to Jew interests.  The musings of Condi Rice – who really ought to make sure her bodyguards are in top form – are causing something close to desperation.

The Israeli plan since the assassination of Rabin has been to ensure that there will be no Israeli concessions on any issue until some infinitely extended list of impossible preconditions is met.  The current plan is to create a new impossible precondition:  that full reparations and a full ‘right of return’ be granted by all Arab states to all Jews who left Arab countries in the wake of the creation of the State of Israel.  This is a particularly vile move, as almost all these departures were caused by various Zionist tricks and encouragements, including false-flag Zionist terrorist attacks in Arab countries, attacks managed with the intention of populating Israel by scaring Jews – who had lived in these countries peacefully for centuries – to leave.

Based on a paper-trail of a draft of a law that was supposedly proposed by a committee of the Arab League, the Zionazis are suggesting that the departure of Jews from Arab countries was part of a conspiracy, and the conspiracy somehow means that any settlement of the Palestinian problem must somehow involve a precondition of fixing this invented problem.  Of course, their extraordinarily slim evidence seems to prove there wasn’t a conspiracy, and, even if there was, the Palestinians had nothing to do with it.  Nevertheless, there are two bills in the U. S. Congress attempting to stop the peace process by adding this red herring.  Watch for this latest Judeofascist trick to become a cause célèbre in American politics, as the increasingly desperate Cabal struggles to delay the peace process until Bush is replaced by President Rudary.