Wednesday, November 14, 2007

West Memphis Three

I’m surprised the blogs aren’t all over the developments concerning the West Memphis Three, three ‘outsider’ teenagers who were caught up in the CIA/tabloid hysteria concerning Satanism – it is a lie that promulgating this crap has no consequences – and ended up charged with, and convicted of, murder (one is on death row).  Now the defense has introduced evidence described as showing that “there was no DNA from the three defendants found at the scene, the mutilation was actually the work of animals and at least one person other than the defendants may have been present at the crime scene.”  This should at least get the one kid off death row, and will hopefully lead to new trials for all.

There are three big CIA/tabloid lies:

  1. UFO stories;

  2. child day-care centers are all run by pedophilia rings; and

  3. Satanic ritual abuse (2 and 3 overlap).

The UFO stories were used to turn night light anomalies into cover for the military research which started at the beginning of the cold war.  The stories about day care have an obvious right-wing motive:  if women stayed at home and raised their children like Jebus wanted they wouldn’t be turning them over to kiddy diddlers.  The Satanic abuse stories seem to be simply the need of fascists for an outsider enemy.  Misfit teenagers are no longer necessary as Americans can now fear ‘Islamofascists’.