Friday, November 16, 2007

Why slur the left?

As Israel and its apologists continue on their moral decline at increasing speed, with the effects felt around the world, the ‘left’, such as it is, becomes increasingly preoccupied with the plight of the victims of Zionism, particularly the Palestinians.  This has led to a new genre of writing, attacks on the left for being anti-Semitic. Mitchell Cohen (take a wild stab at what particular group he might belong to, or read to the end here) adds to the pile with “Anti-Semitism and the Left that Doesn’t Learn”.  This is pretty vile stuff, and I don’t recommend that you waste time reading it.  I have just one question.  Does Mitchell Cohen actually believe that anybody on the left who feels for the plight of the victims of Zionism is actually going to read Cohen’s piece, suddenly exclaim “OMG, I’m an anti-Semite’, and run off to join the IDF so he or she can shoot innocent Palestinians and steal their land?  If this piece is really directed at the left, it is not just a failure, but is an outright insult that will only make those people fighting the hatred of Zionism even more angry.  Surely Cohen isn’t too stupid to realize this.

The answer is that the real intended audience isn’t the left, it is American Jews.  American Jews are naturally feeling intense guilt at the horrors being perpetrated in their name.  The job of people like Cohen is to make them feel better by misdirection.  The slurring of those who describe the problems of Zionism is intended to buck up the sagging morale of the wider American Jewish community.  Cohen, and all similar aiders and abetters of the system of hatred that is Zionism, should be ashamed of themselves.