Thursday, November 08, 2007

Zionist Whack-A-Mole, Part Two

Taking into account the enormity of the problem, and its ongoing nature, the UN Human Rights Council decided to add a fixed agenda item on the ‘Israeli occupation of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.’  Neither Israel or its minion, the U. S., has a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, so it became necessary to employ a Zionist lackey to do the dirty work.  That lackey is Canada.  Canada objected, rather loudly, to the fixed agenda item, but the other 46 members were in complete agreement on its necessity.  Rather than continue its new role as international pariah, it is thought that Canada will now let the matter drop, and stop looking like it is just a ministry being run out of Tel Aviv.

UN Watch is upset (a careful examination of the UN Watch site reveals what ‘shitty little country’ UN Watch is fronting for; lots more hints here).