Sunday, December 09, 2007

Across the River to Motor City

Speaking of the assassination, there’s a new six-part (of which three have aired) Canadian television series called ‘Across the River to Motor City’ which is based on fictional repercussions from the Kennedy assassination.  The place is Windsor, Ontario, and, across the river, Detroit.  The time flashes between fairly recently and the months just after the Kennedy assassination. 

The story involves an old man who is losing his faculties and moves in with his semi-estranged daughter.  Forty-some years earlier, on the day of the Kennedy assassination, his girlfriend/almost-fiancee, a Detroit airline stewardess, was returning from a flight from Dallas.  Then she disappeared along with one of the pilots, the other pilot committed ‘suicide’, and a woman who was supposed to be the other stewardess on the flight (but was replaced at the last moment) was run down in a car ‘accident’.  We see that it is the mob who killed them, and did so on behalf of the only person on the flight in the first-class section, a young Cuban (a further twist is that the young Cuban appears to have become an old Cuban ambassador, who is about to enter into business with the semi-estranged daughter!).  The old man was an insurance investigator, and he set out, along with his assistant, a black woman from Windsor (there is a lot of typical Canadian fun at the expense of American racism), and his friend, a stand-up comedian, to unravel the mystery.  As his business partner was involved in a racist mob-run fire-insurance scheme, he starts to unravel the mob connections.  The story is told as flash-backs by the old man, as the issue has come back to life with the discovery of the bodies of one of the pilots and his girlfriend in the river, and the police are treating him as a suspect.  It will be interesting to see how they explain the Kennedy assassination, as the mysterious Cuban must have had a lot to do with it.

I should write about the much more famous and lauded Canadian conspiracy-themed series, ‘Intelligence’, which about to be made as a pilot for American television (by Fox!), the reception of which will be a good test of how open Americans are to a very cynical view of intelligence and police agencies.