Sunday, December 02, 2007

End run

For some time now I’ve been portraying Washington politics as a battle between the old American Establishment – you know, the guys Zionist Noam says rule the world – and the new up-and-coming Jewish-American establishment – the guys who really have been ruling the world, at least with respect to American foreign and military policy.  Annapolis was yet another major victory for the Jews, who pushed back the first real attempt by the old Establishment to take back their country, and proved that the Jews still have Bush firmly under leash. 

The battle continues.  Rice and Zalmay Khalilzad – a guy who has been unfairly slurred as a ‘neocon’ – attempted an end run (or here) around Jewish power by sneaking a proposal to the UN Security Council which would have put the bogus Middle East negotiations under the indirect purview of the UN, thus leaving open the possibility of Israel being censored for the inevitable failure.  The Old American Establishment did this –  if you can believe it! – without the usual necessity of pre-clearing it through Tel Aviv, as all American foreign policy must be.  Of course, when the Jews found out about it the shit hit the fan, and the proposal had to be clumsily withdrawn.

This was a smart move by the Old American Establishment.  They might have succeeded, but failure itself is yet another example, intended to sink into the thick heads of the American chattering classes, of who really runs the country, and for whose interests.