Thursday, December 13, 2007

It is starting to hit the fan

It has taken a long while, but the actions of the Jewish Billioniares and their employees are starting to be connected with the Wars for the Jews:

  1. Maureen Dowd on Feith and Wolfowitz, expressly connecting the ScareJew to the lying Zionist intelligence which led directly to the attack on Iran (my emphasis in red):

    "Feith’s disdain for diplomacy and his credo that weakness invites aggression were shaped, Ricks reported, by personal history: ‘Like Wolfowitz, Feith came from a family devastated by the Holocaust. His father lost both parents, three brothers, and four sisters to the Nazis.’ 

    Feith told Jeffrey Goldberg in The New Yorker that “My family got wiped out by Hitler, and ... all this stuff about working things out – well, talking to Hitler to resolve the problem didn’t make any sense to me. The kind of people who put bumper stickers on their car that declare that ‘War is not the answer,’ are they making a serious comment? What’s the answer to Pearl Harbor? What’s the answer to the Holocaust?’

    What’s the answer to bin Laden? According to Feith, it was an attack on an unrelated dictator. He oversaw the Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group, whose mission was to amp up links between Saddam and Al Qaeda.

    It defies reason, but there are still some who think the chuckleheads who orchestrated the Iraq misadventure have wisdom to impart.

    The Pentagon neocons dumped Condi Rice out of the loop. Yet, according to Newsweek’s Mike Isikoff, Condi has now offered Wolfie a job. It wasn’t enough that he trashed Iraq and the World Bank. (He’s still larking around town with Shaha, the sweetheart he gave the sweetheart deal to.)

    Condi wants Wolfie to advise her on nuclear proliferation and W.M.D. as part of a State Department panel that has access to highly classified intelligence.

    Once you’ve helped distort W.M.D. intelligence to trick the country into war, shouldn’t you be banned for life from ever having another top-level government post concerning W.M.D.?"

  2. Gary Hart as much as calls Alan Dershowitz a 'dual loyalist' for Dershie's inane comments on the NIE on Iran.  Hart isn’t quite brave enough to take it all the way.  He raises the issue, and then dismisses it for no good reason, leaving the motives of Dershowitz – a guy who has just made a big point of crossing a picket line protesting the illegal Israeli settlements – a complete mystery

  3. In Britain, a one-issue guy named David Abrahams has claimed that he gave donations to the Labour party in secret as he did not want “Jewish money and the Labour Party being put together."  He is now saying he was misquoted, although the original source for the story stands by it!  In other words, he is now conspiring to hide the fact that he conspired to hide a Jewish conspiracy to influence the Labour Party to engage in a conspiracy to fight Wars for the Jews.

Anshel Pfeffer writes (in Ha’aretz), in a comment which is eventually unconvincingly dismissive of the conspiracy theories:

“And although I am of course reluctant to spur on ‘Elders of Zion’ conspiracy theory enthusiasts, we should nonetheless be asking ourselves why there always seem to be Jews around when politics and funny money meet. And the standard excuse, that there are ‘rotten apples in every barrel,’ just won't do, as the involvement of Jews in these cases is hugely disproportionate to their percentage of the population.”

Finally, a comment from Andrew Winkler, completely out of the mainstream but getting closer with each passing day:

“But why, I'm sometimes asked, do I attack all Jews if I honestly only hate those Jews who do evil. Well, it’s only their skinner-box like reaction that makes them feel that way. If Jews weren’t conditioned – through over 1900 years of Talmudian indoctrination and the horror stories of the Holocult – to blindly jump to the defence of any fellow Jew – no matter how bad their sins – there would be far less reason to suspect that those evil actions had anything to do with their Jewish background.  The recent debate on the illegal party donations in Britain is a good example. How do the Jewish media react to those reports? Instead of criticising the donations as criminal acts and blaming the donors for giving Jews a bad name, the majority of Jewish media criticise the reports as being motivated by and causal to more anti-Semitism.”

You may perhaps note that the mainstreaming of truth connects directly to perceptions of power.  The American Establishment made a huge power play in releasing the NIE on Iran, and the predictable neocon reactions to it, reactions which were once treated as gospel truth, are suddenly being treated with disdain.  Power is shifting away from the Jewish Billionaires, and the old slurs are no longer working.  I’ve been saying for a long time that the wider Jewish community had to get in front of this thing, but it may now be too late.

We're still waiting for the levee to break, but you have to admit that the water is getting awfully high.