Sunday, December 16, 2007

The message

It is a mistake to quibble about the NIE on Iran.  The approach of some of the viler neocons is to question the factual basis for the NIE, and even hint that the anti-Semitism of the intelligence agencies is behind it.  Podhoretz even has the chutzpah to question the Iran NIE based on the unreliability of the Iraq NIE, an approach which begs readers to wonder why the Iraq NIE was so unreliable, a line of thought that leads right back to the Jewish neocons who forced the intelligence analysts to make it up.  The 16 American intelligence agencies don’t know that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, any more than they knew two years ago that Iran had a nuclear weapons program.  The fact remains that you can’t start a war against a sovereign country which poses no obvious threat to you based on some iffy intelligence guessing about the possibility of vague future threats, particularly if the guessing is based on a packet of lies from supremely unreliable Israeli intelligence sources.  It is against international law to do so, and highly imprudent, as Americans are finding out.

The NIE on Iran is entirely political, and constitutes a statement by the Old American Establishment that it is not going to be tricked or cajoled into fighting another War for the Jews unless there is a compelling argument that such a war is in the real national interests of the United States.  There is no conceivable scenario in the foreseeable future that a war against Iran could possibly be in the American national interest.  As I’ve been saying all along, it is not going to happen, and the Old American Establishment, angered by the Zionist meddling to ruin the Annapolis conference, threw down the gauntlet to the Jewish Billionaires and their employees.  Decades of Jewish wealth accumulation still can’t match centuries of Old American Establishment wealth accumulation, and the Old American Establishment still controls the American military (non-Jewish as American Jews wisely don’t choose to die for the gentiles), the American intelligence agencies (non-Jewish due to a history of anti-Semitism, coupled with very real – and growing more real – concerns about dual loyalties), and most of the American bureaucracy in the State and Treasury Departments.  The Old American Establishment is making itself clear, and indicating that it is fully engaged on the issue.  No more Wars for the Jews!  Despite some rhetorical flourishes, the Bush Administration has heard the news loud and clear (as has much of the Israeli leadership).

There are indications that the wisest of the Jewish Billionaires are heeding the message, at least from a tactical point of view.  The problem for American Zionism is to arrange to leave open its chances for future covert scheming.  Failure to acknowledge that a message has been delivered is just going to enrage the Old American Establishment, leading to further embellishment of the real background of the Iraq war, and discussions of the entire dual loyalty problem, something which is just starting in the media, and constitutes a threat of what is to come if the Jewish Billionaires continue to press the issue of tricking the United States into attacking Iran.  The Old American Establishment is telling the Jewish Billionaires, in no uncertain terms, to quote AC/DC, “Now you're messing with a son-of-a-bitch”.  It would be prudent for the Jewish Billionaires to act as if they received the message.