Monday, December 03, 2007

A sinister plan for the region

As'ad Abdul Rahman describes the Zionist Plan for the Middle East in the Gulf News (other writings in the same place by the same author are here and here).  He’s about a half step behind the Zionists, who engineered Arab participation in the embarrassing Annapolis conference by playing on the newly created fear in the Sunni-dominated states of a resurgent Shi’ite empire led by Iran.  The Zionists have many intellectual weapons, and they can switch from playing Arab states off against each other to playing Muslim states off against each other.  Of course, a Shi’ite empire is part of the Zionist Plan, as the combined Iraqi-Iranian Shi’ites are supposed to eventually grab the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, which happen to be in areas with a majority Shi’ite population.  When the Saudis think they are being so clever in following the Zionist lead, they are just playing into the long-term plan for the break-up of Saudi Arabia into a Shi’ite oil state, and a mini Sunni rump containing the religious cities.