Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As good as Ezra

Ezra Levant – extreme right-wing, extreme Zionist, probably the most offensive human being in all of Canada, not to mention a look-a-like for Newman (Wayne Knight) from ‘Seinfeld’ – is feeling the weight of a Canadian human rights prosecution/persecution, and suddenly has developed an understanding of what oppression looks like.  He blames the Jews:

“A generation ago, illiberal elements in the ‘official’ Jewish community pressed Canadian governments to introduce laws limiting free speech. The targets of those laws were invariably poor, unorganized, harmless neo-Nazi cranks and conspiracy theorists such as Ernst Zundel and Jim Keegstra – nobodies who were turned into international celebrities when they were prosecuted for their thought crimes.

But now come Mr. Elmasry and Mr. Soharwardy and their ilk, using the very precedents set by the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Before Mr. Soharwardy went to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, he went to the Calgary Police Service and demanded that they arrest me. He's done that three times now, and they've rejected him every time. But he only had to ask the willing enforcers of the human rights commission once.

What a strange place Canada is in 2008, where the police care more about human rights than the human rights commissions do, where fundamentalist Muslims use hate-speech laws drafted by secular Jews, and where a government bureaucrat can interrogate a publisher for 90 minutes, and be shocked when he won't shake her hand in greeting.”

Guys like Richard Warman are celebrated by the Jewish Billionaires who run the Canadian Jewish Congress for ruining the lives of poor and usually young cranks who run neo-Nazi websites seen by at most a couple dozen people.  The entire weight of the Canadian state is brought to bear on squishing these people like bugs.  However offensive their views, what is much more offensive is this celebration of political repression, all done under the self-satisfying rhetoric of ‘human rights’.