Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bill Kristol is a tennis ball

The battle in the United States between the New American Establishment – the Jewish Billioniares – and the Old American Establishment continues.  Time outright fired Bill Kristol – and his partner in crime Charles Krauthammer – and didn't even try to sugar coat it.  The firings at the same time without any cover story – ‘gone to pursue other interests’ or some such crap – sent a clear message.  The Jewish Billionaires fired back by having one of their many house organs, the New York Timespick up Bill Kristol.  You can bet the NYT didn’t do this as they felt Kristol would add to their credibility or buck up their failing circulation.  Taking on Kristol will have just the opposite effect.  In fact, it is a real insult to the intelligent reading American public.  Kristol, a man who has been absolutely wrong about everything he has ever written in his life (and wrong, not only because he is an idiot, but because he is an agent for a foreign country working to that country’s agenda), is now writing for the supposedly most prestigious American newspaper.  The United States prides itself on being a meritocracy.  So much for that delusion.

The dichotomy in the views of the two American Establishments is starting to become quite obvious in analyzing American foreign policy.  Take Pakistan.  Question:  was the United States, in forcing Bhutto on Musharraf, taking steps to remove him, or taking steps to keep him in power?  Answer:  both, despite the fact the goals are contradictory.  This schizophrenia is eventually going to have bad consequences for the United States.