Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008

Various things:

  1. Steve Clemmons – very gingerly! – mentions “counter-intel operation” in connection with the Sibel Edmonds matter.  Unless Edmonds is lying – and her story hasn’t come out as a lie would come out – this is the only reasonable explanation.  Something I forgot to note, but picked up in the comments by ‘ziz’:  if even part of what she says is true, and threatening to this kind of Washington player, she’d be dead by now.  Also see the comments on the security clearance problem by Lawrence of Cyberia.  In the fuzzy logic of counter-intelligence, having this story appear as it did worked out very well for the conspirators.

  2. Paddywack:  Naqniq is now Niqnaq.

  3. Simply amazing (!) manipulation of the Sibel Edmonds story by Larisa Alexandrovna, a very popular source for the conspiracy bloggers as she has a lot of good intelligence (too much, if you know what I mean).  I’ve already noted my discomfort with Larisa Alexandrovna and Raw Story.  No matter how good the information seems, watch out for the hidden agenda.

  4. As has been noted by many, the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger thanked Bush for attacking Iraq as part of Bush’s support for Israel.  Just think of the slurring that goes on if anybody else even dares to mention this most obvious of facts.

  5. The world has changed:  Bush, in speaking of the Palestinian state, mentioned the dreaded c-word, in this case, ‘contiguous’.  He also called the occupation, an ‘occupation’.  Of course, a contiguous Palestinian state is utterly incompatible with Zionism, and thus with the stated wishes – at least when asked by pollsters – of the majority of American Jews.

  6. On alleged election fraud in New Hampshire:  There are hard countable paper ballots, and enough questions to make fraud a serious issue.  If the Democrat establishment caves on this one, largely as they like the results, they will be no better than the Republicans.  The Democratic Party can only have credibility on vote-fraud issues, credibility which they may need if the Christian Zionists fix the next Presidential election, if they ask for a recount in New Hampshire.  Simply positing the idea that a recount is a sensible thing to do would be a huge step for democracy in the United States.

  7. Dry goods, or the perils of machine translation.