Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008:

  1. Why is Israeli intelligence agent Nicholas Sarkozy building a French military base in the Gulf?  To assist in the Zionist Plan for the Middle East by providing military assistance in the scheme to seize the Saudi oil fields and remove the ‘oil weapon’ from the Arabs.  The French are eventually going to rue the day they failed to pay proper attention to the ‘dual loyalty’ problem.

  2. David Irving connects the recent Heathrow crash to a similar crash of a Qantas 747 in Bangkok (and even to the mysterious crash of TWA 800 off Long Island).  In both the Heathrow and Bangkok crashes, there was a sudden and mysterious complete failure of the electrical systems, the kind that might be caused by an electro-magnetic pulse device.

  3. Very good Philip Weiss on the dark psychology of the American Jewish neocons.  Weiss is particularly adept at pointing out the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t connections between the neocons and their loyalty to what they perceive as Israeli interests.  With the failure of the attack on Iraq, we’re into a now-you-don’t period, with the essential paranoia of the neocons – caused by the ScareJew –  reflected in wild conspiracy theories used to deflect the obvious criticisms of their motives.

  4. Lukery continues to write about the Sibel Edmonds case:

“Some people have wondered recently whether maybe Sibel inadvertently stumbled on a sting operation - but that is clearly not the case. The State Dept and Congress are certainly not the people who would be running a sting operation.

Further, when Sibel first reported her case to Congress, the first step taken was to make sure that this was not a covert operation, and that there weren't any double agents involved. Only after Senators Leahy and Grassley were assured this wasn't the case did they proceeded to hold unclassified hearings (which were retroactively classified.)”

Actually, it played out exactly as you would expect it to (and I would expect the State Department to be exactly the people who might be involved in a sting operation).  The operation would have been on a ‘need to know basis’, so Pentagon and FBI officials might plausibly deceive when asked, based on the excuse that they didn’t really know (the operation was so important and so sensitive that it was compartmentalized out of the purview of almost everybody).  In order to keep the operation under wraps, the misleading would continue until it appeared that Congressional investigation might really uncover something, at which point very high-level back channels would indicate to the Congressmen that it was time to shut down the investigation (these back channels are very persuasive:  note how oddly Jay Rockefeller has been acting over the past few years).  In order to believe that it was not a contra-proliferation operation – and I repeat that a proper contra-proliferation operation would have to appear identical to a treasonous operation for the Pakistanis to buy it – you still have to accept that a bunch of dual-loyalist Israel-firsters would do anything to assist an enemy of Israel – a country supposedly on the verge of being run by violent Jew-hating Islamists, if it isn’t already – in obtaining the ‘Islamic bomb’.  No chance!  On the other hand, they would be eager to participate in tricking the Pakistanis into building a dud.