Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tin-foil hats

Following up on planes mysteriously falling from the sky due to massive electrical system failure, we carom/careen effortlessly into a discussion of the efficacy of tin-foil hats.  Some experts believe that tin-foil hats don’t work because they are made of, er, tin-foil, viz, aluminum, the stuff of airplane fuselages (if the issue concerns you, better to wear a steel pot).  The Qantas system didn’t completely fail as it was able to function for enough time on battery power to get the plane to the runway.  If you were a mad scientist, only partly psychopathic, and were testing a system of disabling aircraft, you might arrange to hit aircraft randomly (so as not to give oneself away), and in such a manner as to prove the concept but give the pilots a fighting chance to land the disabled planes.