Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tribes and gangs

A small political irritation between India and Israel concerns the presence of a sizable community of Israelis who have moved to India.  They live a ‘hippie’ lifestyle, and take a lot of drugs, and thus cause some local tensions.  These are the IDF veterans who are essentially morally good, and thus were driven half-mad by what Zionism made them do to the Palestinians.  Considering what the IDF does, it is the ones that haven’t gone crazy that we have to worry about.  There are efforts being made by the real crazies to bring the sane back to Israel (oh-so-typical charm in red):

“. . . Rabbi Meir Alfasi, 22 and an envoy of the powerful Brooklyn-based Hassidic group Chabad- Lubavitch, cheerfully spends his days tending two goats, three chickens and riding a motor scooter equipped with walkie-talkies around Goa, trying to bring Jews back to Judaism.

As Alfasi sees the scene, the 40,000 Jews wandering through India are prisoners in a new Babylonian Captivity.

India is the lowest place on Earth, an impure place in the middle of idolatry’ Alfasi says. ‘Lots of idols and lots of Jews looking to be assimilated in the local culture. Our mission is to prevent that from happening.'’”

Criminal gangs often make a new recruit kill someone, thus becoming ‘one of the boys’ while simultaneously making the recruit an outlaw, thus requiring the protection of the gang.  Israel does the same thing by making just about everybody serve in the IDF, thus implicating the entire country in the violent immorality of Zionism.