Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It is probably premature for me to tackle the Edmonds story again (or, perhaps, ever).  People keep digging instructive holes for themselves, and it would be counterproductive for me to indicate where not to dig!  Other stuff:

  1. Philip Weiss carefully considers the two-party system.

  2. Collaboration isn’t pretty:  Abbas wants the Gazans rejailed (and even offered the PA as the new jailers, without explaining how that was even possible).  Of course, the jail break engineered by Hamas is a big threat to him.  Just as the Lebanese question how their own government wasn’t up to defeating the illegal Israeli attack but Hezbollah was, the people of the West Bank must be wondering what it would be like to be led by someone who isn’t a collaborator.

  3. The jail break is accelerating old plans to bring Iran and Egypt together

  4. The point of computer voting systems:  as important as actually fixing the results of elections is the systematic erosion of confidence in the electoral process itself.  The elites just don’t like democracy.  The paradox is that these machines are more important in the United States than elsewhere as Americans, despite everything, still have a real first-past-the-post voting system.  Voting still counts.  Compare that to the sad state of Europe, where elections are almost completely meaningless.