Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two-party system

Republicans?  Democrats?  So old fashioned.  There are now two parties running for election in the United States:  the “More Wars for the Jews Party” and the “No More Wars for the Jews Party”.  Unfortunately, you can guess who is winning, thanks to churches in corn-subsidy-welfare-bum places like Iowa, and letting Christian Zionists count the vote (how fucking dumb is that?).  That’s how the primaries are being fought.  The main candidates in each party are virtually indistinguishable on all other main issues.  Despite universal ass-kissing of Israel, the only Democrat the Jewish Billionaires really trust is, of course, Hillary Clinton.  The only Republican they don’t trust is Ron Paul.  Although, yet again, no one is allowed to state it in public, the entire primary races all turn on which of the real parties the candidates belong to.  The goal is to have two candidates from the “More” party running against each other.

Need more evidence?  Consider the sheer sliminess of the official American ‘anti-war’ movement, which has outed itself as entirely a strategic ploy to get Democrats elected.  They don’t want to end the war;  they just want partisan advantage.