Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008:

  1. The ‘Cunning Plan’ of the Zionists, together with the quotes to back it up.  Just keep talking about a resolution, without ever really getting around to it (for various reasons:  ‘terrorism’, rockets, no ‘negotiating partner’, Hamas, having to get your hair washed that day, etc., etc., etc.) all the while slowing grabbing land and making the land remaining uninhabitable.

  2. How the settler movement took over Israel (and, by extension, the United States).  This is a classic conspiracy, with a small and unlikely group of fruitcakes using a combination of trickery and absolute dedication to insanity – protected by the belief of the chattering classes that such things are impossible – to produce all the current horrors of the Middle East.

  3. The most naive person in the world attacks the least interesting part of the article I recently pointed to concerning Facebook, the CIA angle:

    ". . . In-Q-Tel is run quite separately from the CIA. It is true that the CIA provides the money and In-Q-Tel looks for investments that in some way could help the CIA (though, often that's a very loose connection), but it's not like it's a bunch of spies running around and investing. It's basically a separate organization, run by experienced industry folks, not CIA agents."

    Good for a laugh!  The most interesting angle, which isn't even in the Guardian article (which focuses on libertarian, rather than tribal aspects), is that Facebook is going to be used as a weapon of Zionist propaganda.

  4. Reflections on the Gaza jail break.  The Europeans, who have some expertise with concentration camps, are assisting the Israelis in putting the genie back in the bottle.

  5. So-so Tony Judt on “The 'Problem of Evil' in Postwar Europe”.  I’m starting to wonder whether Jews, no matter how well intentioned, are emotionally capable of writing about these matters.  Judt makes a lot of good points, but the underlying intention is the lite Zionist one of protecting the use of the Holocaust as a propaganda weapon.  He’s worried that it is being so abused and over-used that younger people have become cynical, making it a less valuable tool.  Why do we still need this tool?