Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Sibel saw

It’s obvious, isn’t it?  There is too much wrong with the basic Sibel Edmonds story for it to have a chance:

  1. The FBI lets a temp employee see all its biggest secrets.

  2. The Turks find out she knows too much, and gently try to recruit her.  When she doesn’t come over to their side, with the most disastrous info already available to her, they just let the matter drop.

  3. The Bush Administration goes through the motions of gagging her, and then stops even going through the motions. 

  4. The conspiracy involves the most dual-loyalist of Israel-firsters in the United States, conspiring to assist the most Israeli-skeptical of nations, Pakistan, one always on the verge, according to them, of becoming completely Islamist (if it isn’t already), in obtaining the ‘Islamic bomb.

  5. The cat is finally let out of the bag by none other than Rupert Murdoch.

Not likely.  You have to remember that the United States isn’t really interested in working against proliferation.  It wants to control proliferation, to use it, and talking about it, as a tool of Empire.  The worst people in the world, people like John Bolton, describe themselves as being involved in contra-proliferation, which is basically using fears of proliferation as part of Bibi’s ‘war on terror’, part of a propaganda exercise.  The main focus of much of their attack has been poor Mr. Khan, whose real sin has been selling the same stuff you can buy from Westinghouse or Siemens, while being insufficiently white.

What did Sibel Edmonds see?  Probably a sophisticated contra-proliferation operation, one which attempted to put a backdoor in the Islamic bomb, allowing the Pentagon to turn it off whenever it sees fit.  This would have to look like real treason, with covert high-level operatives taking real bribes and dealing with the shadiest arms dealers, all in order for Pakistan to accept what they received from the Americans as something other than a trick (a good counter-proliferation operation should look exactly like a treasonous operation).  Fiddle with some parts, turn a couple of the scientists sent to train in American nuclear research facilities, and suddenly the ‘Islamic bomb’ is an ‘Islamic dud’.  The control would extend to any recipients of the same technology, including North Korea.

This theory deals with all the obvious problems with the Edmonds story.  Trying to gag Edmonds was a method of giving her story credibility.  Letting it leak makes Pakistan nervous about its whole program, as it has weapons it can no longer count on (or so the Americans hope:  Pakistan may have been on to the whole trick from the beginning!).