Friday, February 29, 2008

Freud on Zionism

Freud on Zionism (this is from the 'improved' translation, which isn't much different than the original; note the usual annoying politics prompted by the usual group):
"I do not believe that Palestine can ever become a Jewish State or that both the Christian and Islamic world will ever be prepared to entrust their holy places to Jewish care. To me it would have seemed more sensible to establish a Jewish homeland on a historically unencumbered soil; I do know that with such a rational plan one could never have won the enthusiasm of the masses or the financial backing of the rich. Also, I regretfully admit that the unworldly fanaticism of our fellow Jews must bear some responsibility for awakening the mistrust of the Arabs. Nor can I summon up any trace of sympathy for the misguided piety that has made a piece of Herod's wall into a national relic, thereby provoking the natives' feelings."

Freud was already aware of the frauds of the Biblical archaeologists. I wonder, with the unveiling of the fraud of psychological pharmaceuticals, if psychoanalysis is due for a renaissance.

Sometimes I understand why people don't like conspiracy theories

I don't have the time or the inclination to get into the details right now, but this (perhaps Israel is killing too many babies and it is a good time to remind Americans of those perfidious Arabs) and this (Hopsicker has been trying my patience and he has finally jumped the shark with this mess) are the kind of things that give conspiracy theory a bad name. On the other hand, I really enjoyed this and this and this.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The racist posting

Philip Weiss, whose racial superiority theories about the American Jews often make him sound like David Duke in a yarmulke (and speaking of David Duke - in the hell freezes over department - he has semi-endorsed Obama over both Clinton and McCain, presumably preferring 'niggers' over 'race-traitors'), has backed off a lot, and makes a much more reasonable case for the (temporary?) success of his people in American life. If I may venture into the dangerous world of racial stereotypes for an instant, the Jewish success is based on three things:

  1. playing the game by the rules (which is a combination of a Jewish fascination with rule-based behavior, and a the self-preservation instinct as 'outsiders' of having to master the rules of the dominant class in order to attempt to fit in and not be holocausted);

  2. a cultural tendency to hard work, the value of education, and the diligent study of minutiae (again, coming from the religious experience);

  3. luck.

As it happened, Jewish Americans became important in the world of the media (in an attempt to put a stop to the 'defamation'?) and the new world of mathematical Wall Street. Wall Street was willing to pay for technical expertise, and the old American elites were too decadent to bother to master all the math, so the diligent and hard-working Jews got invited into the party, and used their partial monopoly over the technique to carve out their own new fortunes in the world of derivatives. It was luck that the hedge funds and the old media turned out to be so lucrative, but you make your own luck based on cultural - not racial - norms of hard work, application to detail, and devotion to the value of education.

Now the luck is passing. The old media is collapsing, largely because people are tired of being lied to (and a lot of the recent lying to Americans is directly tied to Zionism). Wall Street has suddenly awakened to the reality that the old-fashioned financial analysts - the guys who actually read the financial reports and kicked the tires at the factory before investing - have been saying for years: all this mathematics is a pile of crap. We are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg that will rip through the American financial world.

Can the Jewish Americans reinvent themselves again to maintain their new position in American society? Maybe. Maybe not. History is never kind to the Jewish people, and the success gained in the last twenty-five years may be completely lost in the next twenty-five. There are no guarantees. Weiss probably underestimates the old American elites, who have been through successive massive crises and have always managed to reemerge. Whatever happens, the United States will never be as powerful again as it once was, and Zionism will have played a very important role in the fall of the American Empire.

Of course, the role of Zionism in American politics and foreign affairs is the only reason why the rise of the Jewish elites is noteworthy. If it wasn't for Zionism, we should just congratulate them for their hard-won success. Unfortunately, a very small number of this new elite group - the ones I call the Jewish Billionaires - decided to use the new power to push the American government to help build a Zionist Empire in the Middle East. The cover-up for this massive mistake is sloppy and disorganized - the Jewish Billionaires are overtly supporting an American attack on Iran and are obviously behind the Islam slurs against Obama - and the race is now on to protect the guilty while the guilty continue with their crimes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama defiantly announces his candidacy for the NMWFTJP

Barack Obama has semi-publicly ('off the record', but with a transcript made available by his campaign!) announced (found via here) that he is running as a candidate for the No More Wars For the Jews Party (an announcement made in front of an Jewish audience in Cleveland). Of course, he had to reveal his candidacy in code, as the More Wars For the Jews Party, the party of McCain and Clinton, doesn't officially exist, and thus the No More Wars For the Jews Party can't exist either. For similar reasons, watch for the announcement to be ignored by the mainstream American media.

The code language refers to the Likud (which is itself code for the settler movement policies of the Jewish Billionaires), and the concept, apparently still incomprehensible to many American Jews, is that an American President can support Israel while being opposed to the policies of the Likud Party. In case the audience didn't get the message, he also noted that he is sick and tired of all the 'guilt by association' nonsense requiring absolute Likudnik doctrinal purity from everybody who endorses him, tied Jewish opposition to his pastor to Jewish opposition to his pastor's anti-apartheid efforts against South Africa (!!!) and, to add insult to injury, talked of backing off on the war cries against Iran and offering them 'carrots'. This represents a key moment in the history of American politics, an emancipation proclamation for American foreign policy. It would probably be a really good time for somebody to tell the Secret Service to stop allowing clear shots at Obama's head (I'm not joking, unless you want to see an American version of Count Bernadotte).

I think we can safely take Obama at his word, as the political sensitivities of dealing with an area that he might just have easily have ignored - like every other American political candidate for decades - means that he is treating this area as a key to his future political success. He and his team have shown a keen understanding of the American Zeitgeist, and Americans are clearly fed up with fighting Wars For the Jews. Of course, he may be lying, but this particular lie indicates what kind of President Americans really want (if only they were given a choice to vote for who they really want).

If you can believe the chutzpah, this declaration of emancipation of American politics from Israeli (i. e., Jewish Billionaire) control is being treated in the Israeli press as American meddling in Israeli politics, the logic being that since Bibi is going to be the next leader of Israel, an announcement by an American Presidential candidate that he won't see eye to eye with Bibi is akin to telling Israelis who to vote for!

Monday, February 25, 2008

More on Zionist propaganda contradictions

I have always assumed that writers for the National Post and other CanWest (i. e., Jewish Billionaire) papers have to endorse their pay checks with short essays praising Zionism and Israel, or at least talking up Bibi's 'war on terror', which they are then expected to expand into their next columns. The fact that Jonathan Kay wasn't fired for embarrassing Richard Warman, hero of the CJC, indicates that there is real dissent in the Jewish Billionaire community over whether the use of hate crime laws to battle anti-Semitism isn't going to damage the more important issue of using Bibi's 'war on terror', with its accompanying campaign of engendering hatred against Muslims, in achieving the Zionist goal of stealing land and water in the Middle East. Kay confirms this, in so many words (my emphasis in red):
"Over time, the prosecution of anti-Semites such as Ernst Zundel, James Keegstra and Malcolm Ross created a legal template for Canada's hate-speech jurisprudence. It created a moral template as well: Censorship advocates justified their speech codes by appealing to the horrors of the Holocaust. To oppose hate-speech laws, many human-rights types argue to this day, is to give comfort to fans of Mein Kampf.

It goes without saying that the battle against anti-Semitism is an important one. And those who've made it their life's calling deserve our respect. That said, it is clear that Canadian Jews put their chips down on the wrong side of the hate-speech issue. On a purely gut level, it may seem comforting to have laws on the books that gag society's bigots. But, as is always the case with ideologically motivated censorship, the long-run cost exceeds the benefit.

That cost includes the crippling of debate that inevitably arises when you declare any point of view -- no matter how odious -- be off limits. As the recent human-rights cases against MacLean's and the Western Standard show, there will always be complainants and commissars willing to expand the definition of prohibited speech to encompass legitimate discourse. Ironically, the censorship regime that well-meaning Jewish intellectuals helped put in place to fight anti-Semitism a generation ago is now being applied to prosecute the pundits blowing the whistle on the one truly genuine threat that Jews are facing worldwide: militant Islam."
Expect to see a continuation of efforts to rein in the use of hate crime laws in Canada to allow for the expansion of the anti-Muslim hate campaign known as the 'war on terror'.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New RFK assassination evidence

In these days of wastes of time concerning the JFK assassination, and the Secret Service up to its old tricks of allowing a clean shot at Obama, this audio analysis of the RFK assassination looks like the real deal, new evidence which proves there had to be more than one shooter (which we already knew as Sirhan Sirhan's gun couldn't possibly have fired all the shots that were fired).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lite Zionist news

Had I an tribal attachment to Israel I'd probably be a lite Zionist myself, which doesn't mean that they aren't dangerous:

  1. I simply don't believe this Chomsky story. I can't see him signing an online petition, and I certainly can't see him supporting the false consciousness known as 'conspiracy theory'. As we all should know, September 11 happened exactly as the government said it did.

  2. Stephen Gowans discovers (found via that Stephen Zunes, a 'progressive', hangs out with a pretty rough crowd of "dodgy U.S. ruling class foundations that hide the pursuit of U.S. foreign policy objectives behind a high-sounding commitment to peace".

  3. Norman Finkelstein, a martyr to the cause of truth, is nevertheless a lite Zionist. Note the incoherence in arguing (or here) against the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis generally, but making an exception for the settlements, which for some bizarre reason are thought by Finkelstein to be the only Middle East problem which is caused by the American Zionists (note also the startlingly incompetent argument - maybe DePaul was right to fire him! - that the issue whether the Lobby was behind the attack on Iraq is completely settled by the fact that Cheney and Rumsfeld aren't Jewish).

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Propaganda Contradictions of Zionism

The recent human rights commission involvement in the activities of the Canadian minions of Zionism has revealed some contradictions between the Zionist propaganda developed in the 1960s, and the Zionist propaganda developed in the 1980s. The 1960s propaganda was developed to provide an excuse for the planned program of massive crimes against humanity and war crimes that it was anticipated would be required in order to build the Zionist Empire (the first concrete step of which was the annexation of territory in 1967, which is why Holocaust obsession started in the early 1960s). The unique nature of the threat to the Jews, reflected in the new cult of the Holocaust (and the ongoing preoccupation with 'defamation', i'e', anti-Semitism), was developed to explain how the Jewish State faced unique threats, requiring unique solutions, the most unique of which was an exemption from all of international law.

Equally important was the second propaganda message, now largely associated with lite Zionism (more on this in a later posting), that supporting Israel was in the real strategic interests of the United States. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became impossible for anybody to continue to believe that antagonizing the main sources of oil could possibly be in America's interests, so it became necessary to create a new thread of propaganda, that supporting Israel was the best way to attack the real enemies of America, Islamist 'terrorists'. This new propaganda message was developed in the 1980s in anticipation of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and has gone into overdrive with the 'luck' of the events of September 11.

The human rights law attacks on those carrying the message of hatred of Muslims has revealed a major contradiction between the 1960s approach and the approach of obsessing about 'Islamofascism', and has created a rift amongst the Jewish Billionaires. The old crowd automatically focuses on 'anti-Semitism', and uses the machinery of hate crimes legislation to enforce the general concept that the Jewish people are under constant threat. The strict logic of Canadian hate crimes law means that the 1960s propaganda runs right over the 1980s propaganda, and the Jewish Billionaires are faced with a choice. Apparently, the importance of the program of hatred of Muslims is so vital to building the idea that supporting Zionism is in the real interests of Americans (the Zionists rightly fear that if Americans don't think they have a real interest in supporting Israel, all the homilies about 'shared values' and similar gag-inducing crap will not get them anywhere), that the time has come to cut support for the 1960s propagandists. The Jewish Billionaires have instructed their minions to make fun of the obsession with hate crimes, all in order to continue the program of inciting hatred against Muslims.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as the old guys who have been milking the 'defamation' cow for decades are not likely to go down without a fight. With the spate of fake hate crimes against Jews, the increased economic and political power in the Jewish community, and the total implausibility that mighty Israel is under any serious threat, it may be time to hang up the ol' anti-Semitism boxing gloves in favor of increasing hatred of Muslims.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hate crimes, free speech, and power

Hate crime laws have been used for years in Canada to suppress the extremely rare instances of right-wing hate you might find in Canada (when I say rare, I'm talking about maybe a couple dozen people in a country of about 30 million). The entire weight of the Canadian state is brought to bear on some losers, typically owners of 'neo-Nazi' websites containing Holocaust denial, sites seen by a handful of people at most. From a practical point of view, completely harmless ranting.

I've got nothing against hate crime laws if their application is:

  1. handled by the courts (and limited by the prosecutorial discretion of the attorney-general), and not the creepy 'star chamber' human rights commissions, which seem hell-bent on breaking every protection against self-incrimination normally provided to other defendants, and are so slanted in favor of prosecution that they resemble something out of the Middle Ages;

  2. constrained by a consideration of the supremacy of freedom of speech; and

  3. strictly limited to situations similar to calling 'fire' in a crowded theater, i. e., situations where the hater is calling for violence based on the hate and that violence has a likelihood of occurring as a result thereof (which excludes almost all the cases in Canada, but did happen, for example, before the violence in Rwanda).

The National Post loved hate crime laws when they were used against Holocaust revisionists. Now that they are starting to be used against the haters who talk about 'Islamofascism' - i. e., people who are engaged in Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' and are using 'Islamofascism' as part of the Zionist hate war against Muslims - the Post has suddenly discovered a taste for 'free speech'.

This amazing column by Jonathan Kay (Google cached here), easily one of the worst of the Post writers, goes so far as to refer to the alleged Warman incident. This is so unexpected I can hardly believe it, and I actually wonder if Kay will be employed by the Post next week (Warman is one of the stars of the Jewish Billionaires, a Gentile who helps them hype the Holocaust in their ongoing war to steal land in the Middle East).

We can't forget that all of these incidents are about the exercise of power. Those in control of the media are using propaganda in order to fight various battles, in this case the battle to dispossess the Palestinians and others of their land. Free speech has very little to do with it. The same issue, seemingly (but not really) in reverse, is going on - again! - in Denmark with respect to the anti-Muslim cartoons, where 'free speech' is being used as an instrument of oppression by the anti-immigrant crowd. Hate crimes legislation is hardly ever used against people with power (if it is, you hear the screams of people like Kay), and freedom of speech is often just a cover for the usual abuse of power by the only people who have real freedom of speech, those who own the mass media.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wars For the

Philip Weiss describes the Jew-control of the American media, a subject so toxic that it evokes gales of slurring from the benighted American chattering classes, who would apparently rather see the American Empire collapse in an orgy of Wars For The Jews rather than admit the truth. An unlikely combination of factors is behind the problem:

  1. Jew-control of the American media;

  2. the inexplicable devotion of American Jews, no matter how assimilated, to Zionism (perhaps more accurately, an acute inability to resist the efforts of anybody who even claims to represent the interests of Israel);

  3. the organized campaign by the Jewish Billionaires to build a Zionist Empire in the Middle East through manipulation of the American government; and

  4. the fact that such manipulation is increasingly taking the form of the advocacy of illegal wars (that Americans cannot afford).

The American Jewish community is willfully blind to the 'facts on the ground', that there is a well-funded and extremely organized campaign to coerce American politicians to do things that are not in American interests. It is thus the epitome of bad faith to think of oneself as a 'good person' - an issue apparently of some importance to the American Jewish community - by pretending that you can be in favor of what is being done to the Palestinians, but against the attack on Iraq or a future attack on Iran. They are all part of the same plan, a plan being carried out by pushing politicians around (using faulty campaign finance laws) and fooling the American public by blatant misreporting in the American media. Jew-control of the American media is important solely because the combination of this extreme bad faith in the American Jewish community and the organized campaign of the Jewish Billioniares continues to lead the United States, and the world, to disaster. Unlike Weiss (who, by the way, is an outrageous Jewish ethnic/racial supremacist!), I see no hope that the American Jewish community is capable of fixing this problem.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is he really dead?

There was a car bombing in Damascus.  It killed someone inside the car, and the bomb was so big it damaged neighboring buildings and killed a passerby.  Some time later Hezbollah announced that the man in the car – or, perhaps, approaching the car – who was killed was legendary terrorist Imad Mughniyah.

The story is odd.  The evidence that the victim was Mughniyah seems to be a picture of a body (?) under a white sheet, and the fact that Hezbollah made an announcement.  Would Mughniyah have been traveling in a car by himself, with no bodyguards or aides?  If he wasn’t alone, why weren’t the other passengers also victims of the bomb?

Mughniyah has acquired legendary proportions, being held responsible for just about everything bad that has happened to Zionism in recent years.  Besides the decades-old attacks on Americans in Lebanon (for which he probably was responsible), he has been blamed for the attacks in Argentina (bafflegab), and has even been described as the mastermind behind the Hezbollah victory over the IDF in 2006 (ultimate bafflegab, and obviously intended as a message to Israeli civilians that Israel can safely mount another illegal attack on Lebanon now that the big bad witch is dead).  In fact, he seems to have been retired for decades, and was a bit of an embarrassing anachronism for Hezbollah, which has rebranded itself as a political, social, cultural, educational and welfare organization, an organization which can also take up arms to defend its country if it is subject to an illegal attack from a psychopathic neighbor.  Nobody even knows what Mughniyah looks like (in the absence of DNA, this fact alone makes identification of the real victim impossible), making him the ultimate symbol of Evil for whatever Zionism wants to blame on Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran.

Could this incident be a ruse to get Mughniyah out of the picture?  He can safely retire without as many worries of a Mossad assassin, and Hezbollah removes an old embarrassing connection which is no longer useful.  A massive car bomb explosion is typical of the Mossad work (generally blamed on Syria despite the fact the the victims are invariably supporters of Syria!) we have seen in recent years in Lebanon.  Perhaps it was set up to work as a ruse, or maybe Hezbollah just took advantage of the situation to take care of an old problem.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cartoon archives

A list of free archives of various cartoons:

  1. Bloom County (difficult, but this trick also works for cartoons beyond 1981;  see also some odds and ends here)

  2. Calvin and Hobbes

  3. Dilbert (text list of dialogue you can search if you remember language from a particular strip, with the cartoon identified by date at the beginning of each line; archives here and here)

  4. Far Side (difficult to find; a few here)

  5. get your war on

  6. Krazy Kat (also a few at bottom of right-hand column here, and a few here)

  7. Mr Fish (some here, here and here)

  8. Perry Bible Fellowship (archives are below the cartoon)

  9. Red Meat

  10. Rehabilitating Mr Wiggles (archives are below the cartoon)

  11. Too Much Coffee Man (archives are above the cartoon)

  12. Wigu Adventures (archives are below the cartoon)

  13. Zippy the Pinhead (archives in right-hand column, including information on the architecture or sculpture or site of the drawing).

I’ve been looking for others like Piranha Club and Peanuts, but the big corporate ones are difficult to find.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The twisted world in which we live

From Ha’aretz (emphasis in red and green):

Anyone who doesn't more or less share Marty Peretz's views on Israel or U.S. politics has little hope of getting a job at The New Republic, the editor-in-chief of the prestigious U.S. journal told Haaretz while in Israel last month.

Those views, in short, hold that 60 years after Israel's independence, the world is once more ‘in need of a mandate for Palestine,’ the journalist and retired Harvard University lecturer said in his suite in the Tel Aviv Hilton.

The Palestinians, he says, need to be governed by foreign powers for the time being, because they ‘do not have yet the attributes to allow them to live peacefully alongside Israel without threatening its civilian population.’”

In a couple paragraphs, thrown off with no thought at all, confirmation of the essential fact of the Jew-controlled press, and a rather ugly example of Jewish racial – and racist – supremacism.  Yet if I point out the same things I’m an ‘anti-Semite’.  It is truly a twisted world we live in, where bombing civilians from the air, or keeping people in cages while cutting off food and energy, is perfectly fine, not even worth noticing, but complaining about it is called bigotry  More:

“Reports about the ‘horrors of Israeli occupation,’ Peretz adds, don't particularly impress him. ‘I'm not under the impression that Israeli occupation is kind and sweet. No occupation is kind or sweet. But bad things happen everywhere, all the time,’ he says dryly.”

Have you noticed that racial supremacists often have a problem with judging how they are seen?  When the Israelis showed Condi Rice the checkpoints and the oppression, they thought they were showing her how nice they were being to the sub-human Palestinians (who didn’t deserve it).  Condi saw the Deep South before the Civil Rights Movement.  The South Africans during Apartheid often made exactly the same mistake (as did Southern Whites in the 1950s and 1960’s, and, if Katrina is any indication, now).  Their racist supremacist attitudes make it impossible for them to understand what they are doing, or how their actions will be perceived.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008:

  1. Steven Katsineris explains the Zionist murder of Count Bernadotte and the reasons why he had to die.  The same group of terrorists also plotted to kill British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin.  Nothing that has happened to the Palestinians has been an accident.

  2. Uncharacteristically moronic posting by Helena Cobban on a recent speech by President Ahmadinejad.  Her commentators give it to her real good.

  3. Normalizing’ the air war in Iraq.

  4. The Israelis are usually fairly careful about phrasing the justifications for their war crimes in terms of self-defense.  However outrageous the claims of ‘existential threat’, it was enough to keep them from express self-incrimination.  Now, the Israeli High Court of Justice has approved the war crimes against Gaza, justifying them on the basis of collective punishment (the ridiculous lie that Israel does not control Gaza, and therefore does not have the usual obligations as an occupying country, won’t fool anybody).  The people of Gaza are to be tortured until they somehow stop the rocket attacks.  The judgment itself serves as the indictment for the future war crimes trials of these judges.

  5. Christopher Deliso describes – if you read between the lines – how the adults (i.e., non-neocons) in the American government are working with the Turkish government, the Turkish military (at least the ones not involved in the plots), and the Turkish financial elites to remove the ‘deep state’ forces in Turkey, forces whose excessive nationalism and violence is incompatible with modern capitalism.  The new American nuke deal with Turkey has nothing to do with the Edmonds story (obviously, as it does nothing to absolve the people alleged to have done wrong, and only emphasizes the issue), but is apparently part of the carrot being held out to the Turks (and thus it is not a coincidence that the attack on the ‘deep state’ and the new American nuke cooperation are happening at the same time).  American corporations will make money the old-fashioned way, by selling enormously overpriced nuclear technology.

  6. By the way, is it just me who notices that Rupert’s latest CIA sob story about poor Plame contradicts its earlier sob story?  After all, if Grossman had already outed Plame, how could the neocons have outed Plame a couple years later?  The CIA is suffering from its usual problem of being incapable of keeping its lies straight (aided by the fact that neocon critics don’t want to think about the lies too clearly).  As we all know, Plame had been outed long before any of these alleged neocon wrongs, making the CIA mythology of her anti-proliferation efforts impossible.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How not to pick a candidate

In 1984, the Liberal Party of Canada held a leadership convention to find a new leader to replace Pierre Trudeau.  The two main contenders were John Turner and Jean Chrétien.  Chrétien had strong support across the country, and might well have won, but the support of the head honchos in the party, who wielded power through having delegate status given to them by virtue of their positions in the party hierarchy, meant that the win went to Turner.  Turner went on the lose the next two elections.  After Chrétien made his triumphant return to politics in 1990, he went on to win three successive majority governments, and might well still be Prime Minister had the same party hierarchy not stabbed him in the back and replaced him by loser named Paul Martin.

The reason for picking a leader using delegates across the country is twofold.  First, it introduces an element of democratization, taking the power of selection away from the party functionaries.  Secondly, it provides a better estimate of the most successful leader.  The local delegates know local conditions, and know who they are most likely to vote for, and, more importantly, who their non-partisan neighbors are most likely to vote for.  The party officials, living in their palaces in the big cities, are clueless.

The Democratic Party is making the same mistake as the Liberal Party of Canada made in 1984.  Obama is almost certainly going to win the support of most of the primary delegates, and lose the nomination due to Clinton’s support amongst the ‘super-delegates’, the party functionaries who are given delegate status by reason of their positions in the party.  The Democrats will then run a leader that people don’t want to vote for, and the most unlikely event of all, a Republican President to follow in Bush’s footsteps, will be much more likely.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cartoon explanations for the cable cutting

A cartoon explanation.  Another cartoon explanation is espionage.  If you were really concerned with planting espionage equipment, you wouldn’t cut all the cables at the same time, making a conspiracy obvious to all but the biggest dolts.  You’d do it quietly, one-by-one, over time.  Actually, I very much doubt that such sniffing is necessary.  All that the NSA needs would already be built into the original equipment supplied to the cable laying companies, not to mention the computer equipment on dry land.  An experiment – to see if it could be done undetected, to see the effects, and to see how long a fix would take – is still the best explanation.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm a sucker for self-reference

A writer for The Daily Toreador, the newspaper of Texas Tech University, has been fired for plagiarism.  He wrote two columns which the paper alleges was based on the blog posting of another writer.  The subject of the columns and the blog posting:  plagiarism.  Even better is the fact that the blogger was arguing that plagiarism wasn’t wrong (so maybe the fired writer’s only sin was consistency).  I guess I should note that I found the link at Fark.

Kill all the witnesses

From (my emphasis in red):

“A United Nations military observer sent e-mails home to Canada reporting that Israel was bombing schools and waging ‘a campaign of terror against the Lebanese people’ shortly before he was killed by an Israeli bomb in Lebanon, said his widow.

Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener of Kingston, Ont., a member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, was one of four UN military observers who died when the Israeli Defence Forces bombed a marked United Nations post on July 25, 2006.

Cynthia Hess-von Kruedener said her husband's mission was to report on the hostilities in the area and she believes that is why Israeli forces attacked the Israeli United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) post, despite Israel's claims that the bombing was accidental.

Obviously they were unhappy with what they were observing. Maybe that post was in the way as well,’ she said. ‘I know my husband was reporting war crimes. And I guess they don't want to deal with that.’”

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Experiments and drills

All the complex theories about the Middle East cable sabotage being related to an imminent Israeli attack on Iran, or an American attempt to stop the Iranian oil bourse, collapse when you realize that Iran was one of countries least impacted by the cable cuts.  I fall back on my theory that this is another Israeli experiment, like the attack on Syria, or, in another way, the siege of Gaza (which is the usual Israeli experiment to see how many crimes against humanity can be committed – setting a new baseline of vileness – before international opinion forces a temporary retreat).  Various reasons – lack of American support, fear of the effect of retaliatory rocket attacks on civilian opinion, the current iffy state of Israeli politics – make Zionist expansionary wars currently impossible.  When militaries can’t fight, they drill.  The Israelis are using the down time to prepare for the next wars, wars which will have to await the next American President.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hersh on the Israeli attack on Syria

From Seymour Hersh’s article on the Israeli attack on Syria, confirming what I’ve been saying all along:

“The former U.S. senior intelligence official told me that, as he understood it, America’s involvement in the Israeli raid dated back months earlier, and was linked to the Administration’s planning for a possible air war against Iran. Last summer, the Defense Intelligence Agency came to believe that Syria was installing a new Russian-supplied radar-and-air-defense system that was similar to the radar complexes in Iran. Entering Syrian airspace would trigger those defenses and expose them to Israeli and American exploitation, yielding valuable information about their capabilities. Vice-President Dick Cheney supported the idea of overflights, the former senior intelligence official said, because ‘it would stick it to Syria and show that we’re serious about Iran.’ (The Vice-President’s office declined to comment.) The former senior intelligence official said that Israeli military jets have flown over Syria repeatedly, without retaliation from Syria. At the time, the former senior intelligence official said, the focus was on radar and air defenses, and not on any real or suspected nuclear facility. Israel’s claims about the target, which emerged later, caught many in the military and intelligence community – if not in the White House – by surprise.

and (the second paragraph in this excerpt is dedicated to the memory of Noam’s reputation):

“Shortly after the bombing, a Chinese envoy and one of the Bush Administration’s senior national-security officials met in Washington. The Chinese envoy had just returned from a visit to Tehran, a person familiar with the discussion told me, and he wanted the White House to know that there were moderates there who were interested in talks. The national-security official rejected that possibility and told the envoy, as the person familiar with the discussion recalled, ‘‘You are aware of the recent Israeli statements about Syria. The Israelis are extremely serious about Iran and its nuclear program, and I believe that, if the United States government is unsuccessful in its diplomatic dealings with Iran, the Israelis will take it out militarily.’ He then told the envoy that he wanted him to convey this to his government – that the Israelis were serious.

‘He was telling the Chinese leadership that they’d better warn Iran that we can’t hold back Israel, and that the Iranians should look at Syria and see what’s coming next if diplomacy fails,’ the person familiar with the discussion said. ‘His message was that the Syrian attack was in part aimed at Iran.’”

Of course, you could also read this as just more ‘Iran talk’, useless words intended to scare the Iranians into bowing to the Empire.  If so, it has been a spectacular failure.  If the Iranians have learned anything from the attack on Syria, it is that the Russian air defense system works quite well.  The bottom line is that the Israelis won’t be able to knock out enough rocket emplacements in their next illegal and unprovoked attack to prevent a rain of Hell from falling on Israeli civilians.  Duck and cover!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Cable conspiracies

The damaging of cables that supply internet services to India and parts of the Middle East has raised a number of conspiracy theories, including the possibility of the installation of espionage equipment, or even a new imminent War For The Jews (future historians will call this period the Era of Wars For The Jews).  I think we can say without any doubt that this damage is intentional.  Cable severing occurs occasionally, but it strains credulity to imagine the almost simultaneous rupturing of a number of cables – part of the aura of conspiracy lies in the fact that we still don’t know how many cables were involved, but it may be as many as four! – that all feed to India and most of the Middle East (with the notable exception of Israel!) could possibly be a coincidence.  It has been confirmed that at least one of the incidents was not caused by a ship, the only accidental way for this damage to occur.  If you can believe American-supplied figures, note that Syria, Lebanon and Palestine seem to have been affected; Iran not.

While Wars For The Jews remain on the agenda, there are many reasons why we won’t see another such war until the next American Presidential election, which is planned to be fought between two candidates from the More Wars For The Jews Party.  It is unlikely that the Zionists would risk allowing a candidate (Obama) feared to be part of the No More Wars For The Jews Party into the race by turning More Wars For The Jews into a campaign issue.  It is thus unlikely that this damage is intended to serve as a blackout of a Middle Eastern country that is to be subject to yet another illegal and unprovoked Zionist attack, at least not right away.

One of the main lessons for the Zionists from the most recent 2006 illegal and unprovoked Zionist attack on Lebanon was the internet savvy of the Lebanese.  The Lebanese were able to use their communications links to stream visual evidence of the Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity as they occurred, an ability the Zionist war criminals did not factor into their illegal war planning.  The Zionist war criminals know that their next illegal and unprovoked attack will have to be accompanied by a simultaneous severing of communication links from the victim country, so the suffering of the thousands – or hundreds of thousands –  of innocent civilians can be hidden until the illegal and unprovoked attack is complete.

Just as the illegal and unprovoked September 2007 attack on Syria appears to have been an experiment to test Syrian-Russian air defenses, these attacks appear to be an experiment to test how quickly re-routing can restore internet services, and how quickly the cables themselves can be repaired.  This information will then be factored by the Zionist war criminals into the planning for their next illegal and unprovoked attack, and will give them some estimate of the time they will have to slaughter innocent civilians, drop illegal cluster bombs, and damage infrastructure before information reaches the world which will force them to withdraw, or at least start talking up the Holocaust.  Even damaging the cables does not appear to cut a country off completely, so presumably there would also have to be local bombing to create the kind of blackout required for future illegal and unprovoked Wars For The Jews.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Canadian government blames Israel for murder of Canadian peacekeeper

A Canadian Forces board of inquiry has put the complete blame for the deaths of four UN peacekeepers, including one Canadian, on the IDF (it couldn’t put blame any higher because of complete lack of cooperation from the IDF):  “The board was unable to determine if a specific individual was to blame for the death; the board does however find that, as an organization, the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) is responsible for the death of Major Hess-Von Kruedener.”  Every single Zionist lie was conclusively rejected.

Watch now for the inevitable craven retraction from Canadian officials, who will beg for forgiveness for offending the dignity of the Chosen People. 

Duck and cover, Israeli style

In a backwards admission that the next illegal Israeli war of Zionist expansionism will be met by:

  1. rockets, lots of rockets;

  2. which will be much more accurately targeted than the Hezbollah rockets of 2006;

  3. and with a longer range than those rockets;

  4. with no effective Israeli missile defense system

Israelis have been told to prepare ‘rocket rooms’ in a vain attempt to survive a rocket attack.  Zionist colonialism must continue, and the lives of Israeli civilians are not important (except as propaganda value in excusing various Israeli war crimes as ‘self-defense’).  Of course, rockets can take down whole apartment buildings, so good luck in your ‘rocket rooms’.  Israeli officials are telling Israeli civilians to put your heads between your legs and kiss your asses goodbye. 

This continues a theme here that the availability of useful rockets has completely changed the dynamics of the Zionist Empire.  Such rockets have already derailed the planned 2007 attack on Syria (with the mysterious illegal September attack on Syria being some sort of probe of Syrian-Russian defensive measures against attacks on Syrian rocket emplacements).


Friday, February 01, 2008

The going rate for Hitler dancers

A Brazilian judge with the obviously Portuguese name of Kalichszteim will fine the team behind the proposed Holocaust-themed Rio Carnival float $28,000 for each dancer on the float dressed as Hitler.  The organizers behind the float now have to weigh the eternal question:  how many Hitler dancers do you need versus how many Hitler dancers can you afford?  Addendum.  I have a cheaper solution:  simply ‘reposition’ the dead bodies as Ukrainians, spend a bit more money on bigger mustaches, and say the dances are actually Stalin dancers.  Nobody will complain.