Monday, February 04, 2008

Cable conspiracies

The damaging of cables that supply internet services to India and parts of the Middle East has raised a number of conspiracy theories, including the possibility of the installation of espionage equipment, or even a new imminent War For The Jews (future historians will call this period the Era of Wars For The Jews).  I think we can say without any doubt that this damage is intentional.  Cable severing occurs occasionally, but it strains credulity to imagine the almost simultaneous rupturing of a number of cables – part of the aura of conspiracy lies in the fact that we still don’t know how many cables were involved, but it may be as many as four! – that all feed to India and most of the Middle East (with the notable exception of Israel!) could possibly be a coincidence.  It has been confirmed that at least one of the incidents was not caused by a ship, the only accidental way for this damage to occur.  If you can believe American-supplied figures, note that Syria, Lebanon and Palestine seem to have been affected; Iran not.

While Wars For The Jews remain on the agenda, there are many reasons why we won’t see another such war until the next American Presidential election, which is planned to be fought between two candidates from the More Wars For The Jews Party.  It is unlikely that the Zionists would risk allowing a candidate (Obama) feared to be part of the No More Wars For The Jews Party into the race by turning More Wars For The Jews into a campaign issue.  It is thus unlikely that this damage is intended to serve as a blackout of a Middle Eastern country that is to be subject to yet another illegal and unprovoked Zionist attack, at least not right away.

One of the main lessons for the Zionists from the most recent 2006 illegal and unprovoked Zionist attack on Lebanon was the internet savvy of the Lebanese.  The Lebanese were able to use their communications links to stream visual evidence of the Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity as they occurred, an ability the Zionist war criminals did not factor into their illegal war planning.  The Zionist war criminals know that their next illegal and unprovoked attack will have to be accompanied by a simultaneous severing of communication links from the victim country, so the suffering of the thousands – or hundreds of thousands –  of innocent civilians can be hidden until the illegal and unprovoked attack is complete.

Just as the illegal and unprovoked September 2007 attack on Syria appears to have been an experiment to test Syrian-Russian air defenses, these attacks appear to be an experiment to test how quickly re-routing can restore internet services, and how quickly the cables themselves can be repaired.  This information will then be factored by the Zionist war criminals into the planning for their next illegal and unprovoked attack, and will give them some estimate of the time they will have to slaughter innocent civilians, drop illegal cluster bombs, and damage infrastructure before information reaches the world which will force them to withdraw, or at least start talking up the Holocaust.  Even damaging the cables does not appear to cut a country off completely, so presumably there would also have to be local bombing to create the kind of blackout required for future illegal and unprovoked Wars For The Jews.