Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cartoon archives

A list of free archives of various cartoons:

  1. Bloom County (difficult, but this trick also works for cartoons beyond 1981;  see also some odds and ends here)

  2. Calvin and Hobbes

  3. Dilbert (text list of dialogue you can search if you remember language from a particular strip, with the cartoon identified by date at the beginning of each line; archives here and here)

  4. Far Side (difficult to find; a few here)

  5. get your war on

  6. Krazy Kat (also a few at bottom of right-hand column here, and a few here)

  7. Mr Fish (some here, here and here)

  8. Perry Bible Fellowship (archives are below the cartoon)

  9. Red Meat

  10. Rehabilitating Mr Wiggles (archives are below the cartoon)

  11. Too Much Coffee Man (archives are above the cartoon)

  12. Wigu Adventures (archives are below the cartoon)

  13. Zippy the Pinhead (archives in right-hand column, including information on the architecture or sculpture or site of the drawing).

I’ve been looking for others like Piranha Club and Peanuts, but the big corporate ones are difficult to find.