Sunday, February 03, 2008

Duck and cover, Israeli style

In a backwards admission that the next illegal Israeli war of Zionist expansionism will be met by:

  1. rockets, lots of rockets;

  2. which will be much more accurately targeted than the Hezbollah rockets of 2006;

  3. and with a longer range than those rockets;

  4. with no effective Israeli missile defense system

Israelis have been told to prepare ‘rocket rooms’ in a vain attempt to survive a rocket attack.  Zionist colonialism must continue, and the lives of Israeli civilians are not important (except as propaganda value in excusing various Israeli war crimes as ‘self-defense’).  Of course, rockets can take down whole apartment buildings, so good luck in your ‘rocket rooms’.  Israeli officials are telling Israeli civilians to put your heads between your legs and kiss your asses goodbye. 

This continues a theme here that the availability of useful rockets has completely changed the dynamics of the Zionist Empire.  Such rockets have already derailed the planned 2007 attack on Syria (with the mysterious illegal September attack on Syria being some sort of probe of Syrian-Russian defensive measures against attacks on Syrian rocket emplacements).