Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Experiments and drills

All the complex theories about the Middle East cable sabotage being related to an imminent Israeli attack on Iran, or an American attempt to stop the Iranian oil bourse, collapse when you realize that Iran was one of countries least impacted by the cable cuts.  I fall back on my theory that this is another Israeli experiment, like the attack on Syria, or, in another way, the siege of Gaza (which is the usual Israeli experiment to see how many crimes against humanity can be committed – setting a new baseline of vileness – before international opinion forces a temporary retreat).  Various reasons – lack of American support, fear of the effect of retaliatory rocket attacks on civilian opinion, the current iffy state of Israeli politics – make Zionist expansionary wars currently impossible.  When militaries can’t fight, they drill.  The Israelis are using the down time to prepare for the next wars, wars which will have to await the next American President.