Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is he really dead?

There was a car bombing in Damascus.  It killed someone inside the car, and the bomb was so big it damaged neighboring buildings and killed a passerby.  Some time later Hezbollah announced that the man in the car – or, perhaps, approaching the car – who was killed was legendary terrorist Imad Mughniyah.

The story is odd.  The evidence that the victim was Mughniyah seems to be a picture of a body (?) under a white sheet, and the fact that Hezbollah made an announcement.  Would Mughniyah have been traveling in a car by himself, with no bodyguards or aides?  If he wasn’t alone, why weren’t the other passengers also victims of the bomb?

Mughniyah has acquired legendary proportions, being held responsible for just about everything bad that has happened to Zionism in recent years.  Besides the decades-old attacks on Americans in Lebanon (for which he probably was responsible), he has been blamed for the attacks in Argentina (bafflegab), and has even been described as the mastermind behind the Hezbollah victory over the IDF in 2006 (ultimate bafflegab, and obviously intended as a message to Israeli civilians that Israel can safely mount another illegal attack on Lebanon now that the big bad witch is dead).  In fact, he seems to have been retired for decades, and was a bit of an embarrassing anachronism for Hezbollah, which has rebranded itself as a political, social, cultural, educational and welfare organization, an organization which can also take up arms to defend its country if it is subject to an illegal attack from a psychopathic neighbor.  Nobody even knows what Mughniyah looks like (in the absence of DNA, this fact alone makes identification of the real victim impossible), making him the ultimate symbol of Evil for whatever Zionism wants to blame on Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran.

Could this incident be a ruse to get Mughniyah out of the picture?  He can safely retire without as many worries of a Mossad assassin, and Hezbollah removes an old embarrassing connection which is no longer useful.  A massive car bomb explosion is typical of the Mossad work (generally blamed on Syria despite the fact the the victims are invariably supporters of Syria!) we have seen in recent years in Lebanon.  Perhaps it was set up to work as a ruse, or maybe Hezbollah just took advantage of the situation to take care of an old problem.