Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lite Zionist news

Had I an tribal attachment to Israel I'd probably be a lite Zionist myself, which doesn't mean that they aren't dangerous:

  1. I simply don't believe this Chomsky story. I can't see him signing an online petition, and I certainly can't see him supporting the false consciousness known as 'conspiracy theory'. As we all should know, September 11 happened exactly as the government said it did.

  2. Stephen Gowans discovers (found via that Stephen Zunes, a 'progressive', hangs out with a pretty rough crowd of "dodgy U.S. ruling class foundations that hide the pursuit of U.S. foreign policy objectives behind a high-sounding commitment to peace".

  3. Norman Finkelstein, a martyr to the cause of truth, is nevertheless a lite Zionist. Note the incoherence in arguing (or here) against the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis generally, but making an exception for the settlements, which for some bizarre reason are thought by Finkelstein to be the only Middle East problem which is caused by the American Zionists (note also the startlingly incompetent argument - maybe DePaul was right to fire him! - that the issue whether the Lobby was behind the attack on Iraq is completely settled by the fact that Cheney and Rumsfeld aren't Jewish).