Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008:

  1. Steven Katsineris explains the Zionist murder of Count Bernadotte and the reasons why he had to die.  The same group of terrorists also plotted to kill British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin.  Nothing that has happened to the Palestinians has been an accident.

  2. Uncharacteristically moronic posting by Helena Cobban on a recent speech by President Ahmadinejad.  Her commentators give it to her real good.

  3. Normalizing’ the air war in Iraq.

  4. The Israelis are usually fairly careful about phrasing the justifications for their war crimes in terms of self-defense.  However outrageous the claims of ‘existential threat’, it was enough to keep them from express self-incrimination.  Now, the Israeli High Court of Justice has approved the war crimes against Gaza, justifying them on the basis of collective punishment (the ridiculous lie that Israel does not control Gaza, and therefore does not have the usual obligations as an occupying country, won’t fool anybody).  The people of Gaza are to be tortured until they somehow stop the rocket attacks.  The judgment itself serves as the indictment for the future war crimes trials of these judges.

  5. Christopher Deliso describes – if you read between the lines – how the adults (i.e., non-neocons) in the American government are working with the Turkish government, the Turkish military (at least the ones not involved in the plots), and the Turkish financial elites to remove the ‘deep state’ forces in Turkey, forces whose excessive nationalism and violence is incompatible with modern capitalism.  The new American nuke deal with Turkey has nothing to do with the Edmonds story (obviously, as it does nothing to absolve the people alleged to have done wrong, and only emphasizes the issue), but is apparently part of the carrot being held out to the Turks (and thus it is not a coincidence that the attack on the ‘deep state’ and the new American nuke cooperation are happening at the same time).  American corporations will make money the old-fashioned way, by selling enormously overpriced nuclear technology.

  6. By the way, is it just me who notices that Rupert’s latest CIA sob story about poor Plame contradicts its earlier sob story?  After all, if Grossman had already outed Plame, how could the neocons have outed Plame a couple years later?  The CIA is suffering from its usual problem of being incapable of keeping its lies straight (aided by the fact that neocon critics don’t want to think about the lies too clearly).  As we all know, Plame had been outed long before any of these alleged neocon wrongs, making the CIA mythology of her anti-proliferation efforts impossible.