Friday, February 22, 2008

The Propaganda Contradictions of Zionism

The recent human rights commission involvement in the activities of the Canadian minions of Zionism has revealed some contradictions between the Zionist propaganda developed in the 1960s, and the Zionist propaganda developed in the 1980s. The 1960s propaganda was developed to provide an excuse for the planned program of massive crimes against humanity and war crimes that it was anticipated would be required in order to build the Zionist Empire (the first concrete step of which was the annexation of territory in 1967, which is why Holocaust obsession started in the early 1960s). The unique nature of the threat to the Jews, reflected in the new cult of the Holocaust (and the ongoing preoccupation with 'defamation', i'e', anti-Semitism), was developed to explain how the Jewish State faced unique threats, requiring unique solutions, the most unique of which was an exemption from all of international law.

Equally important was the second propaganda message, now largely associated with lite Zionism (more on this in a later posting), that supporting Israel was in the real strategic interests of the United States. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became impossible for anybody to continue to believe that antagonizing the main sources of oil could possibly be in America's interests, so it became necessary to create a new thread of propaganda, that supporting Israel was the best way to attack the real enemies of America, Islamist 'terrorists'. This new propaganda message was developed in the 1980s in anticipation of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and has gone into overdrive with the 'luck' of the events of September 11.

The human rights law attacks on those carrying the message of hatred of Muslims has revealed a major contradiction between the 1960s approach and the approach of obsessing about 'Islamofascism', and has created a rift amongst the Jewish Billionaires. The old crowd automatically focuses on 'anti-Semitism', and uses the machinery of hate crimes legislation to enforce the general concept that the Jewish people are under constant threat. The strict logic of Canadian hate crimes law means that the 1960s propaganda runs right over the 1980s propaganda, and the Jewish Billionaires are faced with a choice. Apparently, the importance of the program of hatred of Muslims is so vital to building the idea that supporting Zionism is in the real interests of Americans (the Zionists rightly fear that if Americans don't think they have a real interest in supporting Israel, all the homilies about 'shared values' and similar gag-inducing crap will not get them anywhere), that the time has come to cut support for the 1960s propagandists. The Jewish Billionaires have instructed their minions to make fun of the obsession with hate crimes, all in order to continue the program of inciting hatred against Muslims.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as the old guys who have been milking the 'defamation' cow for decades are not likely to go down without a fight. With the spate of fake hate crimes against Jews, the increased economic and political power in the Jewish community, and the total implausibility that mighty Israel is under any serious threat, it may be time to hang up the ol' anti-Semitism boxing gloves in favor of increasing hatred of Muslims.