Thursday, February 28, 2008

The racist posting

Philip Weiss, whose racial superiority theories about the American Jews often make him sound like David Duke in a yarmulke (and speaking of David Duke - in the hell freezes over department - he has semi-endorsed Obama over both Clinton and McCain, presumably preferring 'niggers' over 'race-traitors'), has backed off a lot, and makes a much more reasonable case for the (temporary?) success of his people in American life. If I may venture into the dangerous world of racial stereotypes for an instant, the Jewish success is based on three things:

  1. playing the game by the rules (which is a combination of a Jewish fascination with rule-based behavior, and a the self-preservation instinct as 'outsiders' of having to master the rules of the dominant class in order to attempt to fit in and not be holocausted);

  2. a cultural tendency to hard work, the value of education, and the diligent study of minutiae (again, coming from the religious experience);

  3. luck.

As it happened, Jewish Americans became important in the world of the media (in an attempt to put a stop to the 'defamation'?) and the new world of mathematical Wall Street. Wall Street was willing to pay for technical expertise, and the old American elites were too decadent to bother to master all the math, so the diligent and hard-working Jews got invited into the party, and used their partial monopoly over the technique to carve out their own new fortunes in the world of derivatives. It was luck that the hedge funds and the old media turned out to be so lucrative, but you make your own luck based on cultural - not racial - norms of hard work, application to detail, and devotion to the value of education.

Now the luck is passing. The old media is collapsing, largely because people are tired of being lied to (and a lot of the recent lying to Americans is directly tied to Zionism). Wall Street has suddenly awakened to the reality that the old-fashioned financial analysts - the guys who actually read the financial reports and kicked the tires at the factory before investing - have been saying for years: all this mathematics is a pile of crap. We are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg that will rip through the American financial world.

Can the Jewish Americans reinvent themselves again to maintain their new position in American society? Maybe. Maybe not. History is never kind to the Jewish people, and the success gained in the last twenty-five years may be completely lost in the next twenty-five. There are no guarantees. Weiss probably underestimates the old American elites, who have been through successive massive crises and have always managed to reemerge. Whatever happens, the United States will never be as powerful again as it once was, and Zionism will have played a very important role in the fall of the American Empire.

Of course, the role of Zionism in American politics and foreign affairs is the only reason why the rise of the Jewish elites is noteworthy. If it wasn't for Zionism, we should just congratulate them for their hard-won success. Unfortunately, a very small number of this new elite group - the ones I call the Jewish Billionaires - decided to use the new power to push the American government to help build a Zionist Empire in the Middle East. The cover-up for this massive mistake is sloppy and disorganized - the Jewish Billionaires are overtly supporting an American attack on Iran and are obviously behind the Islam slurs against Obama - and the race is now on to protect the guilty while the guilty continue with their crimes.