Monday, February 18, 2008

Wars For the

Philip Weiss describes the Jew-control of the American media, a subject so toxic that it evokes gales of slurring from the benighted American chattering classes, who would apparently rather see the American Empire collapse in an orgy of Wars For The Jews rather than admit the truth. An unlikely combination of factors is behind the problem:

  1. Jew-control of the American media;

  2. the inexplicable devotion of American Jews, no matter how assimilated, to Zionism (perhaps more accurately, an acute inability to resist the efforts of anybody who even claims to represent the interests of Israel);

  3. the organized campaign by the Jewish Billionaires to build a Zionist Empire in the Middle East through manipulation of the American government; and

  4. the fact that such manipulation is increasingly taking the form of the advocacy of illegal wars (that Americans cannot afford).

The American Jewish community is willfully blind to the 'facts on the ground', that there is a well-funded and extremely organized campaign to coerce American politicians to do things that are not in American interests. It is thus the epitome of bad faith to think of oneself as a 'good person' - an issue apparently of some importance to the American Jewish community - by pretending that you can be in favor of what is being done to the Palestinians, but against the attack on Iraq or a future attack on Iran. They are all part of the same plan, a plan being carried out by pushing politicians around (using faulty campaign finance laws) and fooling the American public by blatant misreporting in the American media. Jew-control of the American media is important solely because the combination of this extreme bad faith in the American Jewish community and the organized campaign of the Jewish Billioniares continues to lead the United States, and the world, to disaster. Unlike Weiss (who, by the way, is an outrageous Jewish ethnic/racial supremacist!), I see no hope that the American Jewish community is capable of fixing this problem.