Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All Americans got was a lousy t-shirt saying 'So?'

Dick Cheney went to Saudi Arabia, and all Americans got was a lousy t-shirt saying 'So?' Actually, he first wanted approval for his war on Iran. They said 'no' (although he probably had something to do with encouraging the usual silly Arab infighting with respect to how to deal with the increase in Iranian influence caused, ironically, by the American attack on Iraq). Then he wanted them to turn up the oil spigots to try to save the American economy from the effects of all the expenditures for the Wars For The Jews. They said 'no fucking way'. Cheney is now trying to talk around it, but the United States' single most reliable ally for at least the last thirty years has finally had enough. Enough with being insulted and ignored, enough with putting up with a country unable even to look after its own self-interest due to the stranglehold of Zionism.

The effects of the Depression caused by the cost of the Wars For The Jews is starting to become symbolic, particularly given the connections between this city and the financing of Zionism.