Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Glass jaw

They can dish it out but apparently they can't take it. Whenever the Zionists want an excuse to steal land or water, all we hear about is the Holocaust. On the other hand, even after an Israeli politician calls for a holocaust against the people of Gaza, a holocaust which the IDF then delivered and more, World Jewry does not like to see Israelis compared to the Nazis. The ADL has conveniently assembled a collection of some of the best cartoons. The ADL:
"Israelis and Jews are portrayed as child killers and brutal assassins, while no mention is made of the Palestinian terrorists responsible for the rockets that have injured and killed scores of Israeli civilians, or the role Hamas has played in promoting the attacks."

Of course, Hamas has consistently and repeatedly been seeking a ceasefire, a ceasefire that Israel won't agree to because to do so would be, in the wonderful circular reasoning of Zionism, negotiating with 'terrorists' (and I have to point out that the number of Israelis injured and killed by the rockets is a tiny, tiny percentage of the Palestinians injured and killed by the utterly illegal Israeli collective punishment response). Abe better get used to having the Israelis and their apologists compared to Nazis, as this is a meme with a long life ahead of it.