Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary's two-part strategy

It is impossible to continue to pretend that the Clinton race-baiting isn't a conscious strategy of the campaign. They can do the math. She can't possibly obtain enough elected delegates. She needs to convince the superdelegates that Obama is unelectable, and the only way to do that is to make it appear that race will be enough of an issue that it will lead to a McCain win over Obama.

The deeper, more Machiavellian, strategy is also based on mathematics, her age. McCain won't run again. Obama, if he wins, will. She'll be too old to run if she has to wait through two more terms. He only hope is to ensure that McCain beats Obama, and then run against the new Republican candidate in 2012. She therefore has to make race a big issue, to make sure that McCain wins. It is not a 'suicide pact': she is intentionally attempting to make sure that McCain wins so that she can run in 2012.

The Clintons' strategy is risky as it runs the risk of backfiring. They are basically insulting Americans by assuming Americans are racists. Even racists don't like to have somebody make that kind of insulting assumption! Here's an idea: why doesn't she throw caution to the winds, switch parties, and run as McCain's VP? Do you think her elderly female fans would follow her, on the assumption that the bigger deal is that she can then run as the super bipartisan (and MWFTJP) candidate in 2012? Too crazy, right?