Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Holocaust revisionism, and revisionism, and revisionism . . .

Via jews sans frontieres, an entertaining account from Eine Kleine Nichtmusik of the trials and tribulations of the poor beleaguered BBC in its attempts to bury and obfuscate the fact that a prominent Israeli politician used the term 'holocaust' to describe what the Israelis were going to do to the Palestinians (additional irony points come from the insistence that the story was wrong due to 'mistranslation', with real mistranslation being the stock-in-trade of MEMRI and the entire basis for the Jewish attempts to start a new War For The Jews against Iran). The BBC essentially got the story right the first time, but then had to go through nine successive revisions - deftly presented here - before World Jewry pronounced itself satisfied. It is unclear if this was Jewish interference within the BBC, outside the BBC, or a combination of both, but you can bet it wasn't the Establishment insisting on these changes. The media is Jew-controlled, and political correctness won't change this fact. You wonder why World Jewry just doesn't draft acceptable versions of all stories on the Middle East and present them to media outlets, instead of relying on this 'twenty questions' style of 'journalism', with the poor scribes having to guess what their masters want the truth to look like. Of course, American media outlets are already sufficiently well trained that their product can't be improved upon.