Monday, March 24, 2008

The Iraq War was a Conspiracy

Juan Cole reprints Craig Unger's refutation of arguments that Jim Lobe is wrong in ascribing conspiratorial motives and methods to the neocons in their various efforts to trick the United States into attacking Iraq. Unger reminds us of the critical importance of the forged Niger documents (and we can't forget that these documents arose out of the Italian circle of Ledeen, which is quite a coincidence, even if you have a lot of faith in coincidences). The only unfortunate part of Unger's refutation is his last word, when any fool can now see that oil, at least American access to oil, had nothing to do with the attack on Iraq. As predicted by many smart people, including the American oil companies, the attack has actually gravely decreased American energy security (although, as I have pointed out, this may have been part of a larger plan to reconfigure world oil dependencies, with the U. S. looking more and more to Canada for oil). The motivation of the deceiving neocons was entirely Zionist, and Zionist motives are the only explanation for the 'surge', which is intended to break up Iraq into three parts, a prospect with no possible strategic benefits to the United States.