Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kissing the Blacks Goodbye

Politico analyzes the daunting math facing Hillary, even on her best-case-of-best-case scenarios. Her strategy comes back to arguments to sway superdelegates, based on the concept of 'unelectability', which is a subtle way of saying 'did you notice he's black?'. It is interesting that the Democrats lost their natural 'base', the support of racist Southern whites, due to their moral support for the Civil Rights Movement. Now they are on the verge of permanently losing the support of black voters. The debate can continue forever amongst white analysts whether the Clinton campaign is racist (I think you have to be remarkably blind not to see it). If Hillary manages to find a trick to keep the nomination away from Obama, there will be no debate in the black community over the real reason (not to mention the ethnic nature of the group of strategists behind it), and the Democrats can kiss another huge chunk of the electorate goodbye, forever. In fact, clever marketing by the Republicans - say, a black V-P candidate with some community credibility - might mean that black American voters permanently return to the party of Lincoln.