Sunday, March 23, 2008

MWFTJ Forecast

In case you're worried, the forecast on the likelihood of More Wars For The Jews is good, at least in the near future (somehow getting the issue into the mainstream of American discourse - a problem caused by all the slurrers who attack if you even raise the issue - is the only way to permanently fix this problem). Dick went begging, cap in hand, to the Saudi king, for a war against Iran, and got shot down (he didn't get much help on oil prices either!). More importantly, the next WFTJ, the next utterly illegal and unprovoked slaughter of innocent civilians on behalf of Jewish supremacism, will be met by retaliatory and completely self-defensive rocket fire from whomever the victim country is, whether the attacker is Israel itself or the Americans, tricked yet again into fighting another WFTJ. The rockets will be a decisive PR problem for Israel, and one for which the Israeli leaders need to prepare. The had rejected their own system, the useless 'Iron Dome', as it would not be ready until at least 2010. They went shopping for an American system, but rejected it when a rigged sales demonstration showed only eight of thirty-six test rockets shot down (excuse me while I indulge myself in a little laugh). No rocket defense system will work (a fact which hasn't forced its way through the 'Iron Domes' of the Israeli defense establishment, probably because they refuse to admit that rockets have ruined their violent plans), but the Israelis aren't even attempting to fool their own citizens that there will be a semblance of protection until at least 2010. So no WFTJ until then.