Monday, March 03, 2008

'Proportionate' civilian slaughter

The recent massacres in Gaza - most of the deaths apparently due to aerial bombardment (no sense risking the lives of the chosen people in conducting the Shoah) - have completely changed international law. It is now acceptable to engage in the collective punishment of mass murder of civilians . . . as long as the murder is 'proportionate' (in the ratcheting immorality of Zionism, this concept actually started with complaints about the last illegal Israeli attack on Lebanon). All of the international calls for restraint have stated that the massacres were wrong only because they were disproportionate, meaning that it is now acceptable under international law to murder a proportionate number of civilians if that would accomplish your military or political goals (another curiosity is that Israel is still allowed to distinguish between the deaths of civilians and 'militants' when the slaughter is conducted with bombs dropped on civilian housing, as if the bombers get special dispensation for being lucky). It is not clear what would be proportionate, but it must be at least somewhat less than the 200-300 to 1 ratio of deaths favored by the Zionist state. We must not forget that Israel, as a de facto occupying power, has a positive obligation to protect the people under its occupation. We must also not forget that the deaths can't be compared: Palestinian killing of the oppressors is permitted under international law as the Palestinians are fighting a war of national liberation (it remains unclear whether that license extends to the civilian population of the oppressing country, or even whether any adult in a country like Israel can be considered to be a civilian).

Not only is proportionate collective punishment now allowed (at least if conducted by Israel), but it can extend to proportionate mass murder of civilians. The destruction of international law is yet another disaster we can lay completely at the feet of Zionism and its apologists.