Sunday, March 23, 2008


  1. Just how many Tibetans has China killed over the past sixty years? This reminds me of something.
  2. The old hotness was that Jews are the eternal and unique victims, justifying uniquely severe tactics to kill the Palestinians and steal their land. To back that up, we needed human rights commissions to provide constant reminders of the ubiquity of anti-Semitism. Now that it difficult to maintain the idea that the new American Establishment and nuke-monopolist Israel are victims, the new hotness is that all the Muslims are coming to convert the 'white' people they haven't already blown up. Thus America and Europe share Israel's problem of having to hate (and kill) Muslims. Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror', a hate campaign against Muslims, ran smack dab into the efforts of human rights commissions whose job it was to punish expressions of hate. Thus the Jewish Billionaires have decided that the commissions have to go, and Canada, as always at the forefront of this kind of thing, is the battlefield. Much as Israeli colonialism has gained from the concept of anti-Semitism, the 'war on terror', i. e., promoting the hatred of Muslims, is more important. The latest from the National Post is here (read the second-last paragraph for a comment on the attempts of the disgusting Commission to protect itself!). Jonathan Kay had been retired from the file - and his article expunged from memory - as his enthusiasm led to Richard Warman issuing a libel notice against the National Post (the libel notice info is from Frank magazine, the only source of useful information in Canadian journalism, and seems to relate to Kay's treating the unproven allegations against Warman as fact).
  3. Nicholson Baker, meet Charles Lindbergh:
    "The bold solution, then, is to reposition Nazi Germany as the victim, and America (and Britain) as the aggressors. This, in essence, is the job the novelist Nicholson Baker appears to have taken on in his new non-fiction book Human Smoke. Baker, who in his novel The Fermata explored the erotics of excreting, seems here to immerse himself in its politics. He is the outrider for paranoid revisionism.

    According to Adam Kirsch, writing in the New York Sun, Baker sets out to 'convince the reader that America should not have fought Germany or Japan; that Franklin Roosevelt connived to get us into the war at the behest of the arms manufacturers, and probably knew about the bombing of Pearl Harbor in advance; that Winston Churchill was a proto-fascist; that in Japan's invasion of China, China was the aggressor; that after the fall of France, Churchill was culpable in vowing to fight on, and not acceding to Hitler's "peace" terms; that the Holocaust was, at least in part, Hitler's response to British aggression, and that the only people who demonstrated true wisdom in the run-up to the war were American and British pacifists.'"

    The author compares Baker to the 9/11 'Truthers', " the most egregious example of this mushrooming cult" of "intellectual nihilism".